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Pylint: How to boost productivity through code analysis


In this article, discover the world of Pylint to transform the way you program. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a passionate beginner, Pylint is your ally in improving the quality of your code. The basic rule of all correct Python code is simply to run without errors. However, as in all fields, there are […]

Data driven: Definition, benefits and methods


In the era of Big Data, companies are collecting ever larger amounts of data. But not all companies are making the most of it. And yet, organizations that place data at the heart of their strategy generally see their performance improve. So what are the benefits of a data-driven approach? And how to implement it? […]

GitHub : what is it and how to learn to use it ?


The GitHub platform allows computer programmers to freely collaborate on code projects. Find out everything you need to know about this massively used service in Data Science and Machine Learning, and how to learn to use it. What is Github? GitHub is an open-source hosting service, allowing programmers and developers to share the computer code […]

What tools does a Data Analyst use on a daily basis?

Data analyst tools

What is the job of a data analyst? There are many ways to answer this question: A data analyst is part storytelling scientist, part coder, and part business consultant. He uses different computer tools and codes to extract data from various sources, analyzes this data by making sense of it, and presents these results often […]

Hadoop: what is it and how to learn to use it?


Hadoop is an Open Source framework dedicated to Big Data storage and processing. Discover everything you need to know: definition, history, functioning, advantages, training… For several decades, companies mainly stored their data in the Relational DataBases Management System (RDBMS) in order to store them and perform queries. However, this type of database does not allow […]

PyTorch: all about Facebook’s Deep Learning framework


The Python language being one of the most used, it contains a lot of frameworks, and many of them are developed exclusively for Data Science. In this article, we will talk about one of them in detail : PyTorch. In the last few years, the popularity of Data Science has been growing steadily over and […]

What’s the average Data Scientist salary in Toronto in 2023

In Toronto, as elsewhere in the world, the field of data science is in full swing. Data Scientists are in high demand in many industries. According to the barometer of the job platform Glassdoor, the average salary of a Data Scientist in Toronto in 2023 is $94,408 per year. To this, you can add an […]

Deep Neural Network: What is it and how is it working?

deep neural network

The Deep Neural Network imitates the functioning of the human brain. Find out everything you need to know about it: definition, functioning, use cases, training A neural network is a set of algorithms inspired by the human brain. The goal of this technology is to simulate the activity of the human brain, and more specifically […]

Managing Unbalanced Classification Problems – Part 2


This article will be divided into two parts: The first focuses on the choice of metrics specific to this type of data, the second details the range of useful methods to obtain a successful model. After detailing the different problems related to data imbalance and demonstrating that the choice of the right performance metric is […]

Managing Unbalanced Classification Problems – Part 1


Classification of unbalanced data is a classification problem where the training sample contains a strong disparity between the classes to be predicted. This problem is frequently encountered in binary classification problems, especially in anomaly detection. This paper will be divided into two parts: The first one focuses on the choice of metrics specific to this […]

Framework : What is it and why is it used for?


This is a word we often use in IT, but what exactly is it ? A framework is a conceptual or real structure that you can build on for IT projects, It simplifies their design. We will explore this concept in this article. We just mentioned “IT projects“, which also means computer science. By using […]

Database: what is it, and how does it work?


Databases are used to store and manipulate data. Find out everything you need to know about it, and why you should start a Data Management course. To understand what a database is, it is important to first understand what data is. Simply put, it is information that can be linked to any object. They can […]