The help to return to work with DataScientest

As a training organization specializing in data science, DataScientest’s main mission is to provide training courses in the following fields Data AnalystData ScientistData Engineer  and Data Management. Learners in each class follow demanding courses and benefit from a pedagogical follow-up adapted to their situation. In addition, our trainers, who worked on the development of these courses, are mobilized daily to facilitate the learning of the students and their understanding of the fundamental notions.

At DataScientest, the course doesn't stop there!

Alongside this relentless academic investment, DataScientest has set itself a second objective: to ensure that all learners in the promotion can be operational at the end of the training for a new position.
The aim is to personally accompany each student to ensure that he or she integrates into the job market with the greatest ease. In other words, the course must act as a springboard for our learner’s professional career. 
To this end, the entire Career Management team is working on the deployment of a return-to-work strategy by offering post-course support based on two main levers.

Part 1: Implementation of educational workshops focusing on key points in the recruitment process

On the one hand, it involves setting up a certain number of educational workshops open to all the learners in our promotions, on all aspects of personal branding, in the broadest sense of the word. Different sessions are thus made available and cover key themes to facilitate reintegration into the job market. These seminars allow students to work on reworking their curriculum vitae, which forms the basis of the recruitment process. Indeed, through these animated sessions, students learn how to use and correctly apply the elements that make up a CV in accordance with the standards of the professional environment.
Other workshops will focus on interview preparation: training candidates on the essential points of a job interview, i.e. tips on non-verbal communication and those related to exchanges between the learner and the recruiter.
Other sessions are dedicated to the writing of a cover letter, a traditional part of a recruitment file.
Finally, we offer pedagogical workshops focused on preparing for technical tests, allowing access to positions as data scientist, data analyst and data engineer.

Part 2: A large network of companies providing you with unique opportunities

In addition to this post-training support, DataScientest offers you the opportunity to take advantage of a fairly large network of companies and the partnerships established with them, to facilitate your integration into the job market, once the course has been completed. Originally, DataScientest is a Business to Business (BtoB) training organization, working for more than five years now with a number of large companies whose needs in terms of data workstations are growing.
These companies ask us to train their employees internally, but also send us recruitment needs. Therefore, our objective is to put these professionals in touch with the learners of our promotions. With a vast network of large groups and companies specializing in data science, students are given considerable help to enter the job market without difficulty.
Indeed, DataScientest is already present in nearly 30 major CAC 40 companies, in various sectors such as insurance, where we work with Allianz, banking with Crédit Agricole, and industry with Safran. Our action consists of linking these companies with which we have partnerships and our learners.
To achieve this, DataScientest has a network of more than 1,500 alumni on the one hand, and on the other hand, the development of a community of “data bosses” including the largest data managers in France.

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DataScientest invites you on a unique adventure!

Thus, beyond the quality courses we offer, DataScientest stands out from other data science training organizations by offering a plethora of personalized coaching sessions on strategies to help people return to work once the course is completed. Addressing subjects as diverse as they are varied, we prepare candidates to take up positions as soon as they complete their course, essentially by acting on two orders: the organization of educational workshops and the provision of a large network of companies and alumni.
As Michael Porter, Professor of Business Strategy at Harvard University, said, “The essence of strategy is the choice to do business in a different way than one’s competitors. Thus, wishing to distinguish itself from its competitors, DataScientest has chosen to assist its learners until their effective integration into the job market and by providing them with timeless assistance since the workshops are accessible even several months after the end of the courses. Our priority is the satisfaction of the learners, and to achieve this, our teams are mobilized on a daily basis and work tirelessly.

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