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Find the right talents with DataScientest!

Customized skills assessment tests.

DataScientest accompanies you in your recruitment process with flexibility as our leitmotiv.
We offer you tailor-made skills assessment, adapted to each of your candidates.
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Our skills assessment is based on :

A recruitment test on our unique platform, allowing us to carry out a skills audit specific to each of your employees.
A business case under exam-like conditions that allow us to assess the scientific and technical skills of your candidates.

In less than 24 hours

We offer you an evaluation report with a semi-automated qualitative correction of the test and the business case followed by a double correction performed by our data scientists.

As administrator of the evaluation process, we give you the possibility to follow the progress of your candidates.

You benefit from free access to our recruitment test platform.

In particular, you will be able to :

Benefit from a precise follow-up of each steps and the progress of each of your candidates.
Share the copy of your candidates with a third party.
Benefit from a historized copy 5 minutes.
At the end of this personalized skills assessment, we draw up a precise skills audit, accompanied by a complete list of the skills mastered as well as the quality of optimization of the code of your candidates.

We adapt to the needs of your company

Would you like to discuss other forms of skills audit?
Would you like to benefit from a “classic” recruitment test?
Call us to discuss it with you so that we can offer you the formula that best suits your company

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