Rules and instructions for good conduct

The charter of good conduct mainly represents a framework defining the rules of exchange in respect of the group with which one can communicate. Disrespect for others can be severely punished, and it is to remind people of this that this charter was created. It is important to know that disrespect for these rules, which seem simple to most of us, can lead to a maximum of one year in prison and a 45,000 euro fine.
This charter has been written so that DataScientest’s exchange spaces can be pleasant and user-friendly places for everyone, whether online or face-to-face. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish a framework around which we can all exchange information.
The role of the administrators of the DataScientest site is to ensure that the platform functions properly and that exchanges run smoothly, by rejecting any messages that do not comply with the rules of good conduct and that are detrimental to exchanges.

The information, messages, comments, published by the Learners within the DataScientest Platform are not checked before their publication within the Platform. On the other hand, any content is likely to be checked afterwards by the DataScientest teams. As a hosting provider, we are subject to the regime of diminished responsibility for Confidence in the Digital Economy, and we can, in this context, remove any illegal content that is reported to us.
In order to ensure that exchanges take place as smoothly as possible, each Learner is required to accept the charter of good conduct and to apply the rules below.
During follow-up sessions or a video conference project presentation, please apply the basic courtesy rules. Be punctual, civil, friendly and present yourself in an appropriate environment, with appropriate clothing, take care of your language, express yourself in clear French and avoid jargon, slang and other SMS languages (online or face-to-face it is always more pleasant to exchange with someone who expresses himself correctly).
Express yourself politely, insults or other personal attacks will not be tolerated.
Do not seek conflict, settling of scores, provocation or harassment on the same person are not tolerated, even in the absence of insults.
Respect the life of others, do not communicate information relating to your private life (email, telephone, address, family) or that of a third party without his agreement.
On the platform do not write in capital letters and do not publish the same message in several copies.
Do not publish messages for advertising or proselytizing purposes.
In case of non-compliance with these rules and instructions, sanctions will be considered, the highest penalty being banishment.