Rules of procedure

Article 1

This by-law is established in accordance with the provisions of articles L.6352-3 and R.6352-1 to R.6352-15 of the French Labor Code. It applies to all learners, and this for the duration of the training followed.

Article 2 : Discipline :

It is strictly forbidden to trainees : 

  • To bring alcoholic beverages into the premises of the organization;
  • To present themselves to the training courses in a state of intoxication;
  • To take away or modify the training materials;
  • To modify the settings of the computer parameters;
  • Eating in classrooms;
  • Use their cell phones during the sessions;

Article 3: Sanctions :

Any action considered to be wrongful by the management of the training organisation may, depending on its nature and seriousness, be subject to one or other of the following sanctions in increasing order of importance : 

  • Written warning by the director of the training organization;
  • Reprimand
  • Definitive exclusion from training

Article 4 : Representation of trainees

When an internship lasts more than 500 hours, the election of a titular delegate and an alternate delegate shall be conducted by a two-round, first-past-the-post ballot. All trainees are eligible to vote and to stand for election, with the exception of prisoners admitted to take part in a vocational training action.

The training organization organizes the ballot, which takes place during training hours, at the earliest 20 hours, at the latest 40 hours after the beginning of the training course. If it is impossible to appoint the representatives of the trainees, the training organization draws up a report of failure to attend that it transmits to the prefect of the territorially competent region.

The delegates are elected for the duration of the training course. Their functions end when they cease, for any reason whatsoever, to participate in the training.

If the titular delegate and the substitute delegate have ceased their functions before the end of the training session, a new election is carried out under the conditions provided for in articles R.6352-9 to R.6352-12.

The representatives of the trainees make any suggestion to improve the progress of the training courses and the living conditions of the trainees in the training organization. They present all individual or collective claims relating to these matters, to health and safety conditions and to the application of the internal regulations.

Article 5: Health and safety :

The prevention of the risk of accidents and illnesses is imperative and requires everyone to comply fully with all applicable health and safety regulations. To this end, the general and specific safety instructions in force in the organization, where they exist, must be strictly respected, under penalty of disciplinary action. 

When training takes place on the company site, the general and specific safety instructions applicable are those of the company.

Article 6

A copy of these regulations is kept at the disposal of each trainee (before any definitive registration) or given to the trainee (before any definitive registration) within the framework of a professional training contract.