VAE - Validation of acquired experience.

How to make your VAE file in Data Science?

How to make your VAE file in Data Science? Data Science has been (almost) no secret for you for some time now.
Self-taught or professional who has developed skills in data science during your various missions in companies, you master Python and R, you develop Machine Learning or Deep Learning algorithms, you translate data and transform them into indicators to define a business orientation.
In short, you are a Data Science professional, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer confirmed but you do not have the certification or diploma in adequacy.
Why not consider validating your experience by doing a Data Science Gain of Experience Validation with DataScientest?

What is Experience Gain Validation?

the Validation of Acquired Experience is an individual right enshrined in both the Labor Code and the Education Code. The validation of acquired experience is open to any person regardless of age, nationality, status and level of education, justifying at least one year’s experience directly related to the certification in question.
Validation of experience enables all or part of a diploma, professional qualification or certificate of qualification to be obtained.
In case of partial validation of your VAE, the benefit of the competences acquired through the VAE is no longer limited to 5 years but is acquired for life.
The candidate can only submit one application per certification during the same calendar year. For different certifications, it is possible to submit up to three applications in the same calendar year.

Why decide to invest in an EAV?

There are several reasons for this:
  • Ensuring its legitimacy to more qualified employees and thus regain self-confidence. This reason is often evoked during interviews with professionals who have acquired their experience in the field, despite their acquired skills and recognized by their peers, they do not always feel legitimate in front of more qualified employees.
  • Another reason often mentioned is the need to have a diploma in line with one’s functions in order to increase one’s employability and thus to change companies more easily or to work as a self-employed person.
  • Also mentioned was the securing of a secure career path and the ambition to obtain a raise or internal promotion. Please note, however, that unless there is a special agreement, your employer is under no obligation to promote you after your VAE.
It should be noted that EAV is not a simple conversion of years of work into a title/diploma, nor is it a resumption of studies, training or additional training.
When you submit your VAE file, your professional experience must already correspond to the reference system of the title in question (official document that lists the knowledge, skills and abilities required to obtain the title), you must have “translated” your professional experience into trade skills.
Don’t panic, we will explain what a competency framework is.
A skills repository lists all the activities that make up a job and each activity is composed of several skills. For example, let’s start with a CAP (CAP Cook) title, and take one of the activities in the reference system that is accessible to the general public.
“Realization of kitchen production ”
To carry out this activity you will mobilize skills:
Prepare, organize and maintain his work station throughout the activity in compliance with the regulations in force.
To master the basic culinary techniques and to carry out a production in the respect of the instructions and the rules of hygiene and safety, etc….
Skills are therefore the set of tasks that you will perform to complete an activity.
It seems clearer now 🙂 We hope that this short explanation has answered any questions you may have about the competency framework.
So once you have understood this principle, you will be able to link your experience and all the skills you have mobilized to carry out your missions, with the skills of the reference system of the targeted title that will be provided to you by the certifier.
A VAE in Data Sciences at DataScientest is divided into 4 steps: 1st step : identification of the target title, 2nd step the evidence booklet, 3rd step, the oral presentation to the jury 4th step The delivery of the complete or partial title
The 1st step, identification of the target title, during an exchange with a DataScientest VAE consultant to help you identify the title corresponding to your Data Science experience. This is the opportunity to check that your profile fits well within the VAE framework. Once this step has been completed and the title identified, the VAE consultant will send you the competency framework of the targeted title and the associated cerfa (booklet 1).
DataScientest’s VAE Pole will study the admissibility of your application and will forward it to the pedagogical manager so that he validates or not your admissibility.
If your file is admissible, you will receive a notification within a maximum of 2 months. The absence of response at the end of the 2 months is considered as an acceptance decision. The notification may include recommendations for further training. The administrative admissibility of your application does not prejudge the final decision of the jury.
If your file is accepted and judged admissible, the second step can begin: the Book of Evidence.
The purpose of writing the evidence file ( booklet 2) is to describe your activities using concrete examples and to present in detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you have acquired through your professional experience that are directly related to the blocks of competences of the title that you wish to validate.
This file must include the following documents :
  • Documents relating to the length of experience according to the degree sought (professional, associative, volunteer, union, electoral activities… as well as periods of initial or continuing training in a professional environment).
  • Supporting documents must be attached (see table below).
  • A sworn statement that only one EAV application has been submitted for certification, for the current calendar year.
Of course you can be accompanied in your approach.
It is a methodological aid, with an advisor, whose objective is to support the presentation and explanation of the evidence booklet, to help you target and formalize its arguments.
The accompaniment generally alternates individual interviews, collective and personal work phases. DataScientest can assist you in the writing of this evidence booklet. See the support price list below. This support is optional, you can also turn to firms that offer this support.

How long does an VAE take?

The average duration of a VAE at DataScientest, between the submission of the admissibility booklet and the jury hearing, is between 6 and 12 months. It all depends on the investment you devote to the writing of the booklet of evidence .
Once your booklet is completed, you can deposit it at the DataScientest VAE Center.
The validation jury then proceeds to the control and evaluation of your professional competences acquired through experience: it checks whether your acquired skills correspond to the competences, aptitudes and knowledge required by the certification and employment references in order to obtain the diploma, title or certificate of qualification.
3rd step: In the month following the submission of your evidence, you will receive a summons to support your case before the VAE jury. This oral presentation can be done remotely via videoconference with the members of the jury.
The jury is composed of 2 members of DataScientest’s pedagogical management, a professor from the Sorbonne and 2 practising professionals.
The members of the jury will exchange with you on the content of your evidence file, they will ask you questions about the various missions you have described, the jury can also question you about your technical knowledge.
If we can give you a piece of advice to conduct this oral examination as serenely as possible, it is to consider it as an exchange between professionals on your career path.

4th step : And finally the last step, in the 24 hours following your appearance before the VAE jury, you will receive a notification informing you of the jury’s decision.

Several scenarios are possible:

  • Full validation, the jury recognizes that you possess all of the competencies described in the referential, you are certified and you will soon receive your diploma.
  • Partial validation, the jury considers that you do not master all of the skills described in the referential and tells you which skills are missing to acquire the full title.

Please note that in this case, the blocks of competencies are acquired definitively and will be the subject of a competency certificate that will validate your experience, so if you wish to validate the entire title, you will then be able to take a few courses at the time in order to acquire the competencies missing from the title you are aiming for. 

How to finance your VAE?

Even if the VAE is not a training, it falls within the framework of continuing professional development. Depending on your status, the financing of your EAV may differ.

It can be financed by the different actors of the continuing vocational training, the State, the Regions, the OPCOs, employers can also integrate the cost of the VAE for their employees within the framework of the GPEC. You can also mobilize your CPF to finance it.

Keep in mind that whatever its status, you can therefore benefit from aid provided in this framework, because the VAE has a cost. It varies according to the certifying bodies, the professional situation, and the level of diploma you wish to validate.

That’s it, you know a bit more about VAE and you feel ready to have your Data Sciences experience validated 🙂

And if you need a little more details about the VAE procedure within DataScientest, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our consultants are here to answer your questions.

VAE pricing Datascientest
Target TitleDeposit booklet 1Deposit booklet 2
With accompaniment
Without accompaniment
Data Analyst150 €1650 €900 €
Data Scientist200 €2100 €1300 €
Data Engineer200 €2100 € 1300 €
CoursesTotal price with accompanimentTotal price without accompaniment
Data Analyst1800 €1000 €
Data Scientist2300 €1500 €
Data Engineer2300 €1500 €