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Natural Language Processing (NLP): Definition and Principles


Have you ever wondered how AI personal assistants like Siri or Cortana work? How your spell checker was able to detect syntax errors that you yourself would not have spotted? How does your search engine manage to guess the words you were about to write from the first letters? What is NLP? NLP for Natural […]

Data leakage: Understanding it and preventing it


Data leakage is a worrying phenomenon that can jeopardize your company’s security. Find out how to protect your sensitive data against data leakage and computer attacks. What is Data Leakage ? Data leakage is one of the most important points of vigilance when designing a predictive model. The creation of a predictive model stems from […]

CI/CD : Everything about these principles that helps tech teams


Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are a set of principles and practices that enable development teams to make changes to software code more reliably and more frequently. The implementation of CI/CD is at the heart of agile and DevOps development methodologies. It enables software development teams to focus on business needs, code quality, […]