Turn your today's teams
into your tomorrow's
data experts

Human and personalized Up-skilling and Re-skilling
solutions for all businesses and all data tools.

Retain your employees, limit turn-over, and train people that you know are competent towards new and inspiring professions by offering them training certified by La Sorbonne.

Average Completion Rate :


Blended Learning DataScientest :

Pillars of our success

A coached e-learning platform
with direct access
to our teachers

A Big Data project based
on a concrete Data Science case
(with the possibility to work
on YOUR company's data)

An apprenticeship punctuated by
masterclasses and coaching sessions in videoconference
or face to face (at your choice)

Qualitative exams to
ensure the correct completion
and validation of each module

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Re-Skilling (long courses)

Make the best of your employee’s business knowledge and benefit from the already successful integration of your employees to train them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Discover our long Re-skilling courses

Our experts courses

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For your current data teams, our expert courses enable you to democratize the latest research papers and facilitate technological watch – all thanks to our in-house R&D studio with more than 20 recognized engineers and Data Scientists.

Up-skilling (short courses)

While keeping our innovative format of blended learning, our tracks allow up-skilling on all Data Science technologies and tools.
Our tracks, which can be adapted to your needs, benefit from the same support and guidance as our long courses – and have a 100% completion rate.
Are you looking to upgrade your teams’ skills in specific technologies? Then combine the tracks and create the training you want.
Solution adaptée entreprise
Can’t find the track that suits you’re needs ? No worries, we have more than 2000 hours of courses and dozens of very specific tracks.
Find out how we can also co-create modules according to your business needs!

Our offers of additional training courses

Data for Managers

Train your decision-making board to data issues. GDRP? Data Governance ? Different types of data professionals? 100% synchronous, this training is designed for decision-makers wishing to have a fully customizable formula for a better knowledge of data in the 21st century.

Data Literacy

What does it mean to be Data Driven and what does a company that is truly focused on and for the data? Discover our playful approach to data acculturation for everyone! This online formula is designed to ensure that your employees will have a first approach to data issues. Indeed, we believe Data literacy must be democratized at all levels and in all branches of a company.
Data literacy

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