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Refer a friend and get up to 400€ off your training!💸

How does it work?
  • 1 – ✍🏼 I fill in the form with my sponsored friend’s information.
  • 2 – 📲 DataScientest calls my sponsored friend to finalise his/her registration.
  • 3 – ✅ DataScientest calls me back to keep me informed.
  • 4 – 💸 When my sponsored friend validates his/her eligibility condition(2), I claim my reward!

Referral offers :

  • As a sponsor, I choose my reward method as soon as my sponsored friend meets the training condition (2) :
    • a 200€ Amazon voucher
    • a 400€ discount on a course costing over €5000 and €200 on a course costing less than €5000 (1)
    • I can choose to wait until I have 3 sponsored friends to benefit from an exceptional offer(4): a free editor training course(3)!
In order for my referral to be valid, the sponsor must have filled in the form before the sponsored person has been in touch with our sales team! Don’t forget to fill it in!
  • (1) Not eligible: PBI 2J, PBI 3J and Deep Fundamentals common core courses.
  • (2) Validation of the first sprint for a curriculum course (DA, DS, MLE, DE, Deep Fundamentals + CV, Deep Fundamentals + NLP, Deep Fundamentals + CV + NLP) or completion of the course for a short course (PBI 5d, Azure, AWS, Mlops, DM)
  • (3) PBI, AWS or Azure
  • (4) Please note that this offer is only possible if the sponsor has not claimed his discounts for the first and second sponsored people and if he asks for the certification offered at the time of the third sponsored person.