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Disability reception of candidates

DataScientest undertakes to welcome people with disabilities without discrimination, and to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities, to access training and qualification, but also to allow them to validate their course.

Indeed, as soon as they apply, a candidate with a disability is identified. During the interview with the recruitment manager, if a learner indicates that he has a disability, we adapt his educational path. Taking into account a situation of disability results in particular in an adaptation of the evaluation which can be reshaped according to the needs of each person benefiting from the status of disabled worker. We follow the regulations as defined by article 2 of the convention relating to the rights of disabled people of March 30, 2007. Our facilities are scalable because they depend on the evolution of the disability.

In concrete terms, this adaptation can lead to an increase in the time allocated to the written certification tests. Learners can ask for a third time on exams, and for corrections to take their situation into account. All of our synchronous times are available with subtitles. For group meetings (in particular for the project), the assistance of a third party may be granted. During the final defenses, this assistance allows any learner to follow the training in its entirety. Our educational teams are able to accommodate the organization of their course to all disabled people.

Adapting the course may, however, take time. It is therefore essential to begin the process of adaptation as soon as the application is made in order to provide an individualized and adapted response. This notably involves adapting curricula, teaching methods and tools by mobilizing a network of partners, which takes time. For information, a process of adapting the course according to the disability can take between 1 month and 6 months depending on the course.

Disability referent

As soon as a candidate with a disability confirms his registration, the disability referent contacts him in order to set up the start of the course adaptation procedure. The disability referent is responsible for contacting the partners in order to do everything possible to adapt the course to the candidate’s disability. Once the partners have been contacted and the adaptation of the curriculum has begun, the disability referent will be the link between the teaching teams and the disability partners. He will also be in charge of making regular points with the learner with a disability in order to ensure that the adaptation of the course is efficient and that he does not have any notable difficulties.

In addition, due to the totally online nature of our offer, learners who are unable to travel can follow the training in the same way as their colleagues. People who are deaf or hard of hearing will also be able to follow the training without any problem thanks to the subtitles.

If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to contact our teams as soon as possible so that the adaptation of your training according to your handicap can be done in the best conditions.