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Financing solutions for our courses

That’s it, you’ve made your decision, you’ve decided to train in Data Sciences by following one of our courses: Data Analyst , Data Scientist  or Data Engineer .
Starting a training is a personal investment, in time and energy but also financial.

You are certainly wondering how to finance your training, depending on your situation there are several possible solutions. DataScientest is here to guide you:

Company employees

If you are an employee, and you want to develop or improve your skills in your current position or even a total retraining, you can benefit from the support of your training within the framework of the GPEC (Provisional Management of Jobs and Skills).

Contact your HR department to see the possibilities of having your training in data science financed within this framework. Our Data Science training can be taken during your work time, with the agreement of your employer, or in parallel with your professional activity and at your own pace.


You are an employee and your company is in partial activity, in this case you can mobilize the FNE-Formation. The FNE only concerns employees, except work-study trainees, whose company is in partial activity, regardless of their socio-professional category or their level of diploma. For short contracts (PEC, CDD), they must remain employed until the end of the training period. All educational costs are borne by the FNE-Formation. The only exception: remuneration (compensation which is already covered by partial activity). Additional costs such as accommodation and transport costs may also be covered.


Installment payment

DataScientest offers you two (2) payment methods to pay the Training Fees, the Registration Fees must be paid in one go. Once these fees have been paid, the learner has the option of

1st modality: Cash payment of all training costs
2nd modality: Payment in several monthly instalments.

When confirming your order, our partner Pledg will offer you to choose the Payment service in 3,6 or 10 installments to pay for your order. If you wish to subscribe to this service, your contact details will then be sent to Pledg which, subject to acceptance of your file, will offer you to pay in 3,6 or 10 instalments and will indicate a payment schedule summarizing the amount of the different monthly payments. Depending on your file, supporting documents may be requested to validate your funding request. For payment in instalments: as soon as Pledg accepts your file, you will have to pay the amount of the 1st monthly payment including fees of 1.5% / 3.55% / 6.45% (depending on whether you have opted for payment in 3 / 6 / 10 times respectively) of the total amount of the order.
Operation Payment in 3 installments
Payment in 3 installments allows you to pay for the order placed on DataScientest as follows: A compulsory contribution, debited on the day of confirmation of the order, corresponding to part of the order and 1.5% of the total amount of the order.

➤ Operation Payment in 3 instalments
➤ Operation Payment in 6 instalments
➤ Operation Payment in 10 instalments
➤ Operation Payment in 12 instalments

A distribution of the rest of the amount of the order over the number of remaining monthly payments according to the payment schedule that will have been communicated.

Disability support

Are you a person with a disability, recognized as a disabled worker and wish to train on one of our many online training courses on Data professions?

DataScientest explains here the different means of financing that are available to you. As part of the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future, the government has put in place several aids that benefit people with disabilities.

First of all, the CPF (Personal Training Account) is capped at up to €8,000 compared to €5,000 in normal times. Depending on your situation, several solutions are available to you in order to financially compensate for your entry into training:

— For employees
If you are employees, you benefit from the same assistance as other employees, DataScientest offers to provide you with a disability adviser who will accompany you throughout your training. For more details on the missions of the disability referent at DataScientest, we invite you to contact our advisers:

Alternative solutions

However, sometimes it is necessary to provide all or part of the funding for the training. In this case, check if your bank can offer you a loan at an attractive rate. The information to remember is that in the event of a personal contribution or if you borrow to finance your training, you can deduct the full amount from the tax base, this applies to training costs as well as to the expenses therein. linked. Training costs are deductible if you are an employee or job seeker registered with the Pôle Emploi as soon as they are incurred with a view to improving your professional situation or gaining access to another profession. Rarer but also possible,

Would you like to discuss with us directly about the financing of your training?