Create a
tailor-made Data Challenge
for your company

Why create a Data Challenge?

Demonstrate your capacity for innovation to the world and improve your brand image.

  • Create interactions between your Data teams
  • Finding the optimal solution to a problem
  • Accelerate your scientific production and mobilize your collaborators on projects useful to your company
  • Identify and recruit the best talent

Personalize your event with our teams to prepare a unique experience.

  • Evaluation criteria
  • Format  (Alone or in a team)
  • Difficulty
  • Themes (CSR, R&D, AI…)
  • Online or face-to-face
  • Skills Audit

How do you organize a
Data Challenge ?

1. Skills Audit

Access to a dematerialized test platform
Test on a business case under exam conditions. Correction and semi-automated report within 24 hours 

2. Creation of the challenge

Two to three workshops to co-create a challenge that meets your needs
Correction and semi-automated report within 24 hours 

3. D-Day

Hosting on our platform configured to the rules of the challenge. Support and coaching available to participants. Access to an admin platform to follow the progress of candidates.
Evaluation and awarding of prizes based on criteria established with the company. 

Why choose
DataScientest Business solutions?

Stephane Trainel

Departmental Data Administrator

“Datascientest has allowed the development of projects within Bercy with new skills in the processing of information and data for the recovery of the economy, the detection of fraud. »

Landry Pontroué

Data, Information System and Innovation Manager

“A spectral analysis tool was developed and used to process To of data. This device has made it possible to target the most relevant passages and thus to considerably increase productivity and efficiency. »

Samir Ait Idir

Chief Data Officer & Head of Data Intelligence

“DataScientest is rich, personalized learning that responds to real business issues”

Are you interested?

Make an appointment with our advisors to discuss the formula adapted to the needs of your company.