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GitLab: Your Ultimate Guide to the DevOps-Centric Git Repository


GitLab is a code hosting and version management service that doubles as a complete DevOps platform. Find out everything you need to know about it: how it works, how it differs from GitHub, use cases for Data Science and Machine Learning, training courses… In the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning, and more generally […]

4 Blockchain & Data Science projects to discover

blockchain projects

Given their different approaches to data, one might think that Blockchain and Data Sciences are purely independent disciplines. While Blockchain is currently in its infancy, notably with the global craze around crypto-currencies, Data Sciences represents an already well-established technology. However, these two innovations, which make it possible to revolutionize the world of work and the […]

Unpacking the Power of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)


Software development requires the assembly of many elements: code, user interface, project structure, environment configurations and much more.To simplify this complex process, various tools have been created. These include the IDE or integrated development environment. IDEs are aimed at experienced developers, unlike low-code or no-code development platforms, which are better suited to beginners. These environments […]

Exploring the Boundaries of Artificial Intelligence


Do you know Spot? A robot deployed in Singapore’s green spaces to enforce social distancing. The news has given grist to the mill of alarmists about the unlimited use of AI. It’s true that the image of this robot walking between inhabitants to call them to order could come out of an episode of Black […]

Demystifying MySQL: A Comprehensive Guide to Relational Data Management


MySQL is a relational database management system based on the SQL programming language. It offers an open source version, enabling users to access and modify the source code, and an enterprise version providing access to the latest software features and support from Oracle, MySQL’s current owner and developer. MySQL is an open source relational database […]

Data Journalism: Shaping the Future of News Reporting

data journalism

According to Bruno Breton, CEO of Bloom Analytics, “the future of information is data journalism”. Today, anyone can access an astronomical amount of data disseminated by governments and public institutions. Data Journalists can exploit this data and bring important information to the surface, in the manner of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. Before looking at […]

Comparing Scala and Python: Choosing the Right Language for Your Projects


There is a wide variety of computer programming languages available today, so much so that it can be difficult to choose. Some languages are more widely used than others, and learning them makes it easier to break into the corporate world. Depending on the use case, some languages perform better than others. For example, the […]