GCP Cloud Run: What is it? What’s it for?

To exploit code and develop an application, DevOps can use GCP Cloud Run. So what’s it all about? What features does it offer? And what are the benefits? Find out in this article. What is GCP Cloud Run? GCP Cloud Run is a platform that allows you to run your code directly on Google’s infrastructure. […]

What are the benefits of DevOps?

DevOps offers many advantages for software development and operation. Discover the main strengths of this methodology and the benefits of DevOps. Worldwide, almost 75% of companies have adopted DevOps, according to a study by RedGate Software. On the strength of this success, the market for DevOps tools has reached a value of $7 billion by […]

Adversarial Attack: Definition and protection against this threat

An Adversarial Attack involves the manipulation or exploitation of a Machine Learning model using carefully crafted data. Explore the comprehensive insights into this concerning phenomenon that poses a significant challenge to the field of Artificial Intelligence. What is the purpose of an Adversarial Attack? An Adversarial Attack often aims to disrupt a Machine Learning model. […]

SQL Dateformat : Learn all about this query

Depending on the country, culture or data source, dates can be written in a multitude of ways. To simplify data processing, it is essential to standardize them. So how do you standardize dates? Thanks to the computer language SQL, it’s possible to use the DATEFORMAT SQL query. Standardizing data to make better use of it […]

SQL DISTINCT: How do I use this query?

While the SELECT query is one of the most commonly used to read data from a table, it has some limitations if used on its own. That’s why other commands are associated with it. These combinations allow you to refine the results. One of these commands is SQL DISTINCT, which removes duplicates within a MySQL […]

SQL WHERE: Here’s the syntax

The WHERE command in SQL is used in queries to filter out data that meets a specific condition. This allows you to extract only the desired rows from a table in a database. With this command, you can select a subset of data according to precise criteria. Find out more about the syntax of the […]

SQL CASE: What is this query and how do I use it?

SQL programming language is a valuable tool for developers and experts. Thanks to a multitude of queries, it is possible to manipulate data and relational databases. Among the essential commands, there is SQL CASE. What is this query used for? And how to use it? Discover the answers in this article. Case SQL : What […]

SQL queries : The 5 most important commands to know

To communicate with databases, developers and data analysts make extensive use of SQL (Structured Query Language). Thanks to these various commands, it’s easy to manipulate tables. So what are the main SQL queries and what are they used for? Find out the answers. The “SELECT” SQL query The SELECT command is undoubtedly the query most […]

SQLAlchemy: What is it? What’s it for?

How to combine the flexibility of SQL with the simplicity and efficiency of the Python language? That’s the ambition of SQLAlchemy. Discover everything you need to know about SQLAlchemy, a tool based on the object-relational mapping (ORM) principle. What is object-relational mapping? SQLAlchemy is a tool based on the object-relational mapping (ORM) principle. ORM is […]

Selenium Python: Euronews web scraping case study

What is web scraping? As a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst, you often find yourself handling datasets that will feed into an application, a Machine Learning algorithm, or data analysis. In some cases, you may use pre-constructed datasets, but there are instances where you need to create your own dataset or supplement an […]

Dall-E, a source of inspiration for the creative professions?

Launched in early 2021 by the company OpenAI, founded by the renowned Elon Musk, the artificial intelligence called DALL-E (a fusion of the famous painter Salvador Dali and Disney’s robot AI character Wall-E) made a big splash not only in the tech industry but also in the worlds of designers, graphic artists, and various other […]

Agile Coach: roles, skills, training, career opportunities

Trainer, consultant, mentor, facilitator, the agile coach takes on many different roles for the companies in which he or she works. And yet this profession is still unknown to a large part of the population. So what is an agile coach? What are their skills and missions? Find out in this guide. What is the […]