The Characteristics of the C Language

Want to know why some programmers use the C programming language and not Python? Find out in this article about the advantages of C, its limitations and the differences between C and Python. Where does the C language come from? The programming language C is one of the most popular languages in the world. Designed […]

Twisted: Building Powerful Web Applications with Python

Twisted is an framework event-driven Python application and web server builder. Find out all you need to know about this widely used tool: origins, history, how it works, training courses… In the early 2000s, networked video game developers had no multiplatform programming language library at their disposal. It was during this time that the American […]

Prompt Engineer: Everything you need to know about this new AI role

With the democratization of generative artificial intelligences like ChatGPT, new needs are emerging in the business world. To fully harness the potential of these chatbots, it is essential to understand how to communicate with them and make oneself understood in order to achieve the best possible results. This is why experts capable of “taming” AI […]

Mastering Power Query Number.ToText: A Comprehensive Tutorial for Power BI Users

Power Query offers various functions for converting numbers to text in Microsoft Excel and Power BI: Text.From(), Number.ToText(), Text.PadStart(), Text.Combine()… find out all you need to know! Within a company, it’s often necessary to convert numbers into text. This is a common operation in a wide variety of fields such as finance, data analysis, or […]

Exploring Yarn: A Robust Alternative to npm for Package Management

Indeed, a package manager is a tool crafted to automate the installation, removal, and updating of software components, with its primary objective being the preservation of consistency among all dependencies. Additionally, a package manager enables you to utilize and collaborate on code with other developers, streamlining collaborative work. There are numerous package managers, each tailored […]

Mastering Python Slicing: What you need to know

In the Python language, slicing allows you to access specific parts of your code. This technique is extensively used in Data Science and Machine Learning, especially with NumPy and Pandas. Dive into the world of slicing, learn what it is, and master its application in your Python endeavors. Python is an immensely popular programming language […]

Open Banking & Data Science

For several years now, the banking industry has been undergoing significant changes. The emergence of neo-banks, digitalization through the use of the internet and mobile applications, and the replacement of physical branches… Banks are now ushering in a new revolution with open banking. Open banking is the requirement for banks to make a portion of […]