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AGI, or General Artificial Intelligence: What is it?

For better or worse, the advent of autonomous superintelligence might sooner or later come to pass. The consequences for our civilization could surpass imagination… This is a topic that regularly resurfaces in the spotlight: with the progress of new AI models such as GPT-4 Turbo or Llama 3, are we on the brink of the […]

Network Attached Storage (NAS): What are they?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are engineered to streamline the storage, access, and administration of files across a network. They provide effective solutions for managing the vast amounts of data generated on a daily basis. What is a NAS ? As a data storage solution that connects to a network, NAS allows users to store […]

Blockchain: How this technology works, its advantages and limitations

ive into the world of blockchain technology to grasp its inner workings, benefits, and constraints. Learn how blockchain functions, its potential advantages such as transparency and security, as well as its limitations like scalability and energy consumption.

Blockchain a technology for storing and transmitting information. It is often defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that stores ownership of digital assets. Indeed, any data stored on the Blockchain is impossible to modify, making this technology a real revolution in sectors such as cybersecurity or healthcare. This technology is mainly used as a protocol […]

DDoS Attacks: What Are They? How Can You Protect Against Them?

Overloading a distributed network to render it inaccessible is the hallmark strategy of hackers using DDoS attacks. What exactly do these entail? Which tactics are employed? How can you spot this danger? And crucially, how can you defend against it? DataScientest has your answers. What are Denial of Service Attacks? Definition DDoS (Distributed Denial of […]

Quantum Computer: What Is It?

Capable of solving currently intractable problems, quantum computers spark widespread imagination and curiosity. The interest from physicists, governments, and major corporations in their potential is immense. Yet as of now, these computers are not fully operational. So, what exactly is this cutting-edge technology? What challenges does it face, and what promises does it hold? Let’s […]