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Left Join SQL: Learn all about this SQL command

Discover the power of Left Join in SQL, a crucial command for combining data from multiple tables based on a

SQL makes relational database management easy, thanks to joins that link two or more tables by means of common columns. The LEFT JOIN (or LEFT OUTER JOIN) command takes things a step further… SQL is a query language that is inherently associated with relational databases. The reason it’s so popular is that its syntax is […]

Mistral AI: a European leader in artificial intelligence

Launched in May 2023, Mistral AI has swiftly secured its position as a European frontrunner in the realm of artificial intelligence. How can we account for such rapid success? Uncover the services and capabilities that Mistral AI brings to the table. What is Mistral AI? Mistral AI is a French venture embarking on the development […]

Autonomous vehicles: How does they work?

Autonomous vehicles promise to revolutionize the way humans and goods move around, in a future that is getting closer. When AI takes the wheel and Data serves as the engine: discover everything you need to know about this technology that will change the world! Artificial Intelligence is making its way into all areas, including on […]