What is a Solutions Architect (SA) ?

Data Engineer

What are the roles of the Solutions Architect ? The Solutions Architect aims at understanding, designing and integrating the implementation of reliable solutions to the firm technical problematics. In the scope of a fast-growing evolution of Systems Information (SI) in the business structure, the Solutions Architect will be in charge of creating a safe and […]

5 AWS launches and announcements making developers’ life easy in 2022

The 10th edition of Re:invent, AWS’s yearly learning conference, was the opportunity for Amazon’s Cloud Computing company to unveil dozens of new launches and announcements. DataScientest’s AWS community builder Chouaieb Nemri shares it’s top 5 with us.  With over 20 000 attendees and hundreds of thousands people following the event online, Re:Invent was an event […]

Online Data Scientist Training

formation data scientist en ligne

An online Data Scientist training course has many strong points. Find out why and how to join such a program with DataScientest… The Data Scientist business is growing rapidly, and companies in all sectors are looking for such experts. In all industries, these scientists are in high demand to analyze and process the vast volumes […]