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Data Manager: All about an increasing job in the Data Science

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The job of Data Manager is increasingly in demand in companies. Find out everything you need to know about this Data Science role, and how to train for it.

Big Data technologies are increasingly adopted in companies. As a result, new jobs are emerging over time.

In addition to the roles of Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Data Engineer, there are other lesser known specialties in the data science ecosystem. Among the Big Data professions, we can mention the Data Manager.

What's the role of the Data Manager in the company?

Data is a valuable resource and is the essence of Data Science. This information must be available to analysts and data scientists whenever they need it. Furthermore, the quality of this data must be monitored and maintained throughout its life cycle.

The role of the Data Manager is precisely to ensure that the data is accessible and reusable. He is also responsible for ensuring its quality. In addition, this expert ensures that sensitive data and its processing comply with laws such as the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Actor) or the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

From one company to another, the responsibilities of the Data Manager can vary. Depending on the data that the company processes and its sector of activity, his missions may be different.

It also depends on the maturity of the data program. At the beginning of a data program, the Data Manager focuses on consolidating the available data and setting up processes to manage this data in an optimal way.

In a more mature data program, the Data Manager performs tasks with higher added value. For example, he or she will be responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the data or its compliance with the standards in force.

In general, and to summarize, the missions of a Data Manager concern the guarantee of data quality, the integration of this data, the security of the data, and its regulatory compliance.

He or she also manages the documentation of the data and the various calculations performed on it. Finally, he/she is responsible for updating the rules governing access to the data.

Data Manager's skills

The Data Manager has a combination of skills. First of all, he must have technical skills to understand the problems of data integration. He must also be able to understand and manipulate large volumes of data and understand their structure.

He also masters the tools and techniques to ensure data quality. In addition, he/she must have managerial and interpersonal skills to facilitate coordination and agreements between the different parties working on this data.

This job also requires solid knowledge of the company’s business sector. The data to be processed and their use cases differ from one sector to another and from one company to another.

What are the Data Manager's tools?

To carry out his mission, the Data Manager uses many tools. It is imperative that they master programming languages such as Python or R, as well as data languages such as SQL.

It is precisely these tools that allow him to understand the database that he structures and analyzes. In the same way, it is imperative to understand and master DataBase Management Systems (DBMS). Examples include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database and PostgreSQL.

Mastering data visualization tools will be a real asset to work hand in hand with data analysts or business analysts. Some of the best options include Power BI, Tableau and MicroStrategy.

Finally, there are tools dedicated to data governance. For example, Collibra allows you to track data from the moment it is collected.

How much can a data manager expect to earn?

Like all Data Science jobs, the Data Manager is in high demand. The demand far exceeds the number of experts on the market. Consequently, companies do not hesitate to offer very attractive wages to recruit the most talented profiles.

To give you an idea, here are the estimates of the main websites dedicated to employment. In the United States, a Data Manager can earn between $42,000 and $110,000 per year according to GlassDoor, between $36,000 and $110,000 according to ZipRecruiter, between $76,000 and $150,000 according to Zippia, and $94,000 and $140,000 according to Salary.com.

As you can see, the salary range is pretty wide. However, the annual salary offered is generally very comfortable.

In France, too, the salary of a Data Manager reaches new heights. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is €47,332 per year. The range extends from €31,000 to €71,000 for the highest-paid positions.

In addition to guaranteeing long-term job security, the exciting job of Data Manager, therefore, offers a comfortable salary. It is therefore an excellent career choice.

How to take a Data Manager training course?

Several options are available to you to become a Data Manager. Faced with the strong demand from companies, universities are offering more and more generalist Data Science courses.

However, the best solution to quickly acquire the skills that companies are looking for is to opt for the specialized Data Manager training offered by DataScientest.

Developed by experts and professionals, our programs meet the real needs of companies and are continuously updated to follow the evolution of demand. They are therefore professionalizing training programs.

Moreover, it is possible to complete this course in Continuing Education in 3 months. Whether you are still a student, a working professional, or in the process of retraining, it is therefore possible to combine these studies with your job and become operational very quickly.

Our Blended Learning approach combines distance learning and physical presence.

Don’t wait any longer, and discover DataScientest’s Data Manager training.

You know everything about the Data Manager job. Discover our complete file on Intelligence artificial and our introduction to Data Science.


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