Our pricing

To allow everyone to finance their training in data science with peace of mind, we have established two payment methods detailed in the following fee schedules

Course fees

Registration fee: 500€ ( included in the total price mentioned below )

Courses1st Modality
Full payment at the beginning of the course
2nd Modality:
Payment in several monthly installments
Data Analyst4500 €From 450€ per month
Data Scientist / Data Engineer5000 €From 500€ per month
Data Management2300 €From 230€ per month

Ease of payment

Thanks to our partner Pledg, you can pay for your training in several installments. For more details, see our Terms and Conditions.

Below is a table of the rate of wear and tear according to the number of monthly installments chosen. It corresponds to the percentage of the total order to be paid at the first payment, added to the first monthly installment.

Distribution3 times6 times10 times
Wear rate1.5%3.55%6.45%

For more information on financing opportunities, please visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information.