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Préparez-vous au passage d’une certification officielle AWS!

4 jours à temps plein, 100% en ligne
13 juin 2022

Contenu de la formation

1. Programmation (35h)

Fondamentaux Python, Numpy, Pandas

2. Dataviz (20h)

Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh

3. Machine Learning (20h)

Machine Learning supervisé & non-supervisé

4. Machine Learning ++ (20h)

Statsmodels, Text Mining, NetworkX

5. Big Data / Database (20h)

Langage SQL, Data Processing, PySpark

6. Deep Learning (20h)

Keras, CNN, TensorFlow, RNN

7. Système complexe et IA (20h)

Reinforcement Learning, Deep RL, Algorithmie...

Comment financer la formation ?

Reconnues par l’État, nos formations en Data Science sont éligibles au CPF.
Grâce à nos liens forts avec les entreprises et notre taux d’employabilité élevé, le Pôle Emploi – via l’AIF – finance aussi certains apprenants !
Découvrez si vous êtes éligibles!

Vous avez des questions ? Nous avons les réponses.

Accordion Content

To join the Data Scientist training, we advise you to have the knowledge equivalent to a bachelor level diploma in mathematics, statistics or science. That said, it is most important that you have the necessary knowledge regardless of the degree or diploma that you hold. In addition to that, you also need to have good communication skills.

These prerequisites exist because although the training is centered on data science , and not mathematics, these are necessary for a good understanding of the logical principles of the concepts discussed.

After your registration on the site, we contact you for the first time for a presentation of what DataScientest is, what we can offer you but also your background and your wishes. The idea is to align your expectations with our training courses.

Then we redirect you to a technical positioning test that we use, to know what bases you are starting with. These are essentially mathematical questions dealing mainly with basic notions (two semesters in College/University) in probability, statistics, analysis, and algebra.

Once this test has been passed, a member of the admissions team will contact you to discuss your results and validate your professional project, your motivations, and finally the relevance of your educational project.

Once your project is confirmed, you go to the registration phase with our teams who will take care of initiating your training in data science and implementing it with you in all its aspects.

DataScientest is the only organization to offer hybrid training. This translates into 85% learning on the coached platform and 15% masterclass session by videoconference in order to combine flexibility and rigor without compromising on one or the other. It is a carefully considered choice that motivates our pedagogy to allow learning to be carried out with motivation.

At the end of your training, you will have:

  • the ability to study company data that will define which will be extracted and processed in the future
  • the ability to retrieve and analyze relevant data related to the company’s production process, sales or related to customer data
  • the means of developing predictive models in order to anticipate the evolution of data and trends relating to the company’s activity
  • the know-how to model data analysis results to make them readable and usable by managers

The assessment of the results is done through the implementation of an evaluation procedure to determine whether the learner has acquired the skills whose mastery constitutes the initial objective of the action.

There are two aspects evaluated by the pedagogical team:

  • professional situations 
  • the final defense in front of a jury on the project developed during professional scenarios


In order to obtain the certification, the learner should validate the professional scenarios and the final defense in front of a jury . A mark of 10/20 is expected to validate the defense.

The course consists of several modules:

The themes for Data Scientist training are as follows: Programming in Python, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Advanced Machine Learning, Big Data / Database, Deep Learning, Complex Systems and AI .

Click here to request the complete training syllabus!

All courses were created by our expert Data Scientists. DataScientest undertakes never to use external service providers or to buy back content. The content is the result of rigorous work carried out in close collaboration with the major European groups that we support on a daily basis .

The total duration of a course is 400 hours including 280 hours of training and 120 hours for the project.

The courses are based on the principle of sprints:

  • First, the learning platform allows you to practice and validate your modules which will allow you to obtain your certifications at the end of the program
  • Then, the project confirms the skills acquired, it must be completed, make a progress report and submit a deliverable to our teaching teams.
  • In addition to the asynchronous courses, each sprint includes a videoconference Masterclass which allows you to take stock of the skills developed, to determine the objectives for the next sprint and to assimilate the concepts directly with your teachers.


Depending on the type of training chosen (bootcamp or continuing education), the training period on the platform takes place over one or more weeks.

If the content remains the same, the number of course hours differs depending on the format: 35 hours per week for bootcamps and 10 hours for continuing education

Obviously ! And who better to provide support than our teachers, who also designed the program. They are available and attentive to all questions, whether theoretical or practical, and will be able to demonstrate pedagogy in their response. 

In addition, to ensure everyone’s completion and commitment, our teachers follow your progress closely . As soon as you stop logging in for an extended period, your cohort manager will hear from you: we won’t let you down!

Finally, our papers, exams and defenses are also corrected by hand by our panel of qualified teachers: everything is done so that everyone can progress effectively at their own pace. At DataScientest we are convinced that only personalized monitoring ensures quality learning!

Throughout your training, and as your skills are developed, you will carry out a data science project. 

This project may come from our catalog, composed of various subjects, with technical business issues and using rich and complex data. You can also propose a personal project, as long as the data is accessible and our teaching team validates it.

It is an extremely effective way to move from theory to practice and to ensure that you apply the themes covered in class.

It is also a project highly appreciated by companies because it ensures the quality of the training and the knowledge acquired at the end of the Data Scientist training since the use of soft-skills is also very present.

  • Ability to transmit information 
  • Know how to present and popularize your work
  • Know how to highlight data with interactive tools (Dashboard, Streamlit, etc.)


In short, it is a project that will require a real investment: at least a third of your time spent on training will be on this project .

The project is supervised by a DataScientest mentor who will regularly discuss with you to ensure your progress and to guide you.

According to the data managers of the largest CAC 40 groups, knowing how to communicate both orally and in writing is more important than mastering the core business of the company for a Data Scientist.

We have therefore taken this into account in our curriculum which also emphasizes soft-skills with:

  • The written and oral defenses of the project, which allow these skills to be developed.
  • Masterclasses dedicated to project management and the interpretation of results.
  • Masterclasses on best practices in “data visualization” and on dedicated tools.


You will also have the opportunity to participate in CV workshops and career coaching via careers managers and the DataScientest HR team.

In addition, as a B2B leader in Data Science training , DataScientest enjoys a great reputation among companies who entrust it with the data science training of their teams. A fortiori, this confidence forges the recognition of one’s diplomas.

You can also finance your training by spreading your payments over 3, 6, 10 or 12 monthly installments, either to cover all the costs of the training or to cover the rest payable by the CPF.

Be that as it may, our teams are there to guide you through your administrative procedures for registering for the various funding aids.

To find all the financing possibilities, nothing could be simpler: we have created a page dedicated to the subject !

Accordion Content

The ability to master data proves to be very valuable in certain professions such as researcher or actuary.

They benefit enormously from the added value that data science brings, just like most quantitative professions that involve statistics.

Data knowledge opens new doors and creates new opportunities.

To answer this question, we conducted our own survey of around forty partner companies . 

Depending on the sector and the company, the salary of a Junior Data Scientist is between 35 and 50,000 € per year . 

After 4 years of experience , this salary increases considerably and fluctuates between 50 and 65,000 euros.

By becoming a Data Scientist, you will practice one of the main professions of Machine Learning .

In order to master the entire spectrum of Machine Learning and in particular the engineering part and the production of models, the Data Scientist can follow our new Machine Learning Engineer course and acquire the skills of the Data Engineer.

Combined with the Amazon Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, this course will allow you in a few months to attract the largest European companies.

Our surveys reveal that the overall integration rate (all professions combined) 6 months after the end of the training is 100%, while the integration rate in the targeted profession is 67%. In this survey, we count 91% of Data Scientists.

Accordion Content

Beta tests are available for our alumni in order to gain data knowledge even after the end of the training. 

In parallel, newsletters drawn up by our data scientists are regularly sent and are a reliable source of specialized information in data science. 

Finally, the DataScientest community continues to grow, and with it all of its alumni. To keep in touch and allow former students to communicate with each other, DataScientest has set up a  group of alumni on LinkedIn  who share and discuss various themes around Data Science.

Questions, tips, and technology news are shared on this page for the benefit of all. You will be invited to join it at the beginning of your training. Also on the agenda: are business opportunities, networking, and events (trade shows, Data Challenges…).
This has made it possible to create strong links with the major groups, which have ensured the growth of our structure.

Initially, DataScientest supported the data transition of companies . This has made it possible to create strong links between the major groups which have ensured the growth of our structure .

Thanks to our experience and these privileged relationships, we regularly organize recruitment fairs with our partner companies for all our students and alumni. Among the latest participants: are Mano Mano, OnePoint, JellySmack, Crédit Agricole, Little Big Code, and Job Teaser, among many others. Our career service also relays throughout the year offers from our partners via our promotional channels, where you can apply directly.

On the strength of our past with large companies, we then signed partnerships linked to the hiring of our alumni . All the partner companies undertake to include all our students at the end of their training in their recruitment process : this, coupled with help with CVs and interviews, means that you will be in pole position to land the job of your dreams!

With our experience with large companies, we regularly organize recruitment fairs with our partner companies, addressed to all our students and alumni.

On the first day of your entry into training, a platform dedicated to career services containing all the workshops essential to your job search will be presented to you.

You can access it continuously, even after the end of your training.

Mathilde and Morgane, our career managers are entirely dedicated to you throughout your training. It is possible to make an appointment individually with one of them in order to accompany you and answer any questions you may have about your career plan.

In addition to this, career workshops are organized every month:

  • A workshop to help you write a good CV and data-oriented Linkedin
  • A workshop to help you strategize your job search with different topics on presentation, career change, salary negotiation and technical test training.


In addition to these subjects, there are other workshops to be defined according to individual needs. On the other hand, concrete actions are implemented to support you in your job search: recruitment fair organized by DataScientest with its partner companies, organization of Webinars with data experts, communication actions to boost your visibility (CV competition, DataDays, project articles published on the blog and external reference media). 

To find out about all of DataScientest’s career support actions, click on this link .

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