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Microsoft stops speculating and gets involved in blockchain

For several years now, the GAFAMs have been interested in and meddling with blockchain or the web3. One example is Meta, formerly Facebook, which tried to create its own metaverse before giving up. Today, the one who is trying his luck in the adventure is Microsoft by partnering with Space and Time, specialised in blockchain […]

ElasticSearch: Everything you need to know about this software


Elasticsearch is a distributed open-source data search and analysis engine based on Apache Lucene and developed in Java. The project began as a scalable version of the open-source Lucene search framework. The ability to horizontally extend Lucene indices was then added. This tool allows storing, searching, and analyzing large volumes of data quickly and in […]

Elon Musk develops his own AI “TruthGPT” in search of the universal truth

For several months now, the boss of Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink has been making a lot of noise in the AI field. First criticising ChatGPT as too “woke”, he then signed a petition to stop its development, before starting to create his own. Why create TruthGPT? TruthGPT is the purpose behind Elon Musk’s creation […]

Kibana: The tool for visualizing data indexed with ELK


The development of Big Data has pushed the creation of a wide variety of tools that facilitate the task of highlighting and studying the value of data. For example, Elasticsearch and Kibana belong to this large ecosystem of languages, tools, and systems for exploring data and deriving relevant insights. Kibana is among the most popular […]