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Microsoft stops speculating and gets involved in blockchain

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For several years now, the GAFAMs have been interested in and meddling with blockchain or the web3. One example is Meta, formerly Facebook, which tried to create its own metaverse before giving up. Today, the one who is trying his luck in the adventure is Microsoft by partnering with Space and Time, specialised in blockchain data.

What does this partnership involve?

Space and Time is a hybrid data service based on blockchain and other indirect sources. It offers interactions with various blockchains such as Etherum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Sui and Avalanche.

In 2021, Microsoft’s venture capital investment arm, M12, had led a $20 million funding round for Space and Time. Space and Time’s services and tools can now be found in Microsoft’s Azure cloud catalogue.

Is it the only cloud service interested in blockchain?

Not surprisingly, Microsoft is not the first to take an interest in blockchain. Other cloud service providers have entered the web3 domain, such as AWS with Avalanche and Google with its Blockchain Node Engine.

According to data specialist Statista, Azure is the second largest cloud service provider in the world with a 21% market share. It is behind AWS, far ahead with 34%, and above Google Cloud, with only 11%

Through this partnership, Microsoft seems to be seeking to compete directly with AWS in this market, while the company is also developing on the artificial intelligence side, while AWS is timidly starting to make its entry.

This move shows that the IT giant is looking to invest heavily in revolutionary technologies in order to be the forerunner. In the face of this rise, Google too has been trying to make its mark in the AI space before making a hasty entry. If you have enjoyed this article and are considering a career in data science, don’t hesitate to discover our articles or our training offers on DataScientest.

Source : azuremarketplace.microsoft.com

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