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Large Language Models (LLM) : Everything you need to know


Since the end of 2022 and the massive worldwide use of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence-based language models have been attracting increasing interest, both from the general public and from businesses. So what are large language models? How do they work? What are they used for? What are their advantages? Find out in this article. What are […]

Epoch : An essential notion in real-time programming

Epoch Machine learning

An epoch in Machine Learning refers to one complete pass of the training data set through the algorithm. Learn all you need to know about this essential concept of machine learning. In the field of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning involves allowing a model to learn and train from data using an algorithm. This method is […]

How to become a Data Scientist in Vienna today

You like to work with the computer, juggle with numbers and have a good understanding of mathematics? You are not afraid to analyze large amounts of data and can make logical connections? You want to make a career in a profession that is increasingly in demand these days and that Harvard Business School calls “The […]