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How to become a Data Scientist in Vienna today

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You like to work with the computer, juggle with numbers and have a good understanding of mathematics? You are not afraid to analyze large amounts of data and can make logical connections? You want to make a career in a profession that is increasingly in demand these days and that Harvard Business School calls “The sexiest job of the 21st century”? Then Data Scientist is the perfect profession for you! In this article, we'll show you what skills you need and how you can become a Data Scientist in Vienna with our course!

As a Data Scientist, you will work with data and develop algorithms to handle various tasks such as clustering or image, text and audio recognition.

For our courses you already need a solid knowledge in mathematics, statistics and computer science. After all, the most important skills of a Data Scientist are machine learning and mathematical statistics as well as programming and computer science.

Mathematics is the basis

So, for enrolling in the Data Scientist course, knowledge in mathematics is required. You should have a good comprehension of concepts such as statistics, algebra and probability. In Data Science, statistics helps you to test meaningful hypotheses and come to concrete conclusions. Understanding concepts like the variance properties, error calculations, linear regression models and estimation theories are also required for you to work as a Data Scientist.

In addition, to become a Data Scientist, you must master all algebra. This will help you to manage collected data efficiently and through, for example, linear or bilinear algebra, to understand the spaces in which data is processed. Knowledge of vector spaces and scalar products will allow you to understand spaces in which machine learning models are executed.

Finally, the tools of probability theory, such as the various laws or the concepts of conditional probability, are essential to becoming a Data Scientist.

Programming is the core of the Data Scientist course

As a Data Scientist you need to be confident in using the Python programming language. In our training course you will get advanced knowledge in Python as well as in Numpy and Pandas. You will evaluate large amounts of data and deal with topics such as Dataviz, Machine and Deep Learning. You don’t need to have really deep knowledge in the technical workings of Machine Learning. But you should be able to recognize the differences in their application in different situations.

Apart from the content requirements, your curiosity and interest are crucial. The more interest and passion you have for a subject, the faster and better you will acquire the required skills. In short: Do you really have a passionate interest in the “sexiest” profession? Then you’ll be able to reach your goal of becoming a Data Scientist all the faster with us.

Become a Data Scientist - from anywhere

The Data Scientist is therefore one of the most modern and currently most sought-after professions. But don’t worry, a Data Scientist doesn’t necessarily have to come from a technically advanced global metropolis. You live in Vienna or elsewhere in Austria and didn’t think you could make it as a Data Scientist from there? With us it is possible!

Your advantage with us: All our courses take place online! You can work on the course content whenever and wherever you have time and are motivated. Whether in the 360° Ocean Sky Café in Vienna with a view over the city, in the Vienna Hundertwasserhaus or in the Rax cable car: learn and code from wherever you want.

Career opportunities as a Data Scientist in Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and with about 2 million inhabitants the largest city in the country. Followed by Graz, Linz and Salzburg, Vienna is an up-and-coming city in Europe and offers many career opportunities in Data Science. Some of the most well-known companies operate in Vienna including Flixbus, Uber, Dynatrace and Tricentis. There are also many companies and startups in Vienna looking for Data Scientists. And maybe soon for you, too!

Networking is also an important aspect of becoming known in the Data Science community. There are many meetups and conferences that focus on Data Science and related topics, such as the Data Science Salon in Vienna. Here you can also network in addition to our community, share knowledge and learn from others.

Practice is the key

So regardless of where you learn and code, one thing is for sure: to work as a Data Scientist, it is important to gain experience in the practical application of Data Science methods. Many people pursuing Data Science education probably try to gain practice points through internships squeezed between two semesters or volunteer work completed after course sessions. Not so with us! We believe in the concept of learning-by-doing. With us, you don’t have to worry about how to get practical experience. We ensure a predominant practical part directly during the training.

That’s why you’ll be coding at the beginning and during the training and working on a large practical project. For our courses it is also necessary that you already have an understanding of the SQL language and Linux systems. Only then you can better understand the concepts learned during the training. Some Data Scientists have a bachelor degree in Data Science. With our courses we make you a Data Scientist in 3 months full time as a bootcamp or in 9 months part time. In our training courses, we teach you everything you need to know and be able to do in your future job as a Data Scientist. And all this without you having to sit in the university class every day for 3 years and learn theoretical knowledge by heart for exams, which you then forget again after a short time. And best of all: After successful completion of our course, you will even receive a certificate from the renowned Sorbonne University in Paris. Then you are ready to hit the ground running as a Data Scientist!

If you still have questions about Data Science and how you can become a Data Scientist with us. Or if you’re unsure whether this is the right job for your career, then feel free to book an appointment with one of our consultants. They will help you with any uncertainties and also accompany you on your way to becoming a Data Scientist after the course.

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