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AWS Lambda: Introduction to the Serverless Function

Logo of the platform AWS Lambda

Launched in 2014, AWS Lambda is a serverless platform for Function as a Service. What does it mean? What are the main use cases? We will go into this in more detail in this article to explain the growing popularity of the service. What is AWS Lambda? The principle of AWS Lambda is basically very […]

Front end: What are the tools and skills of this profession?


The front end is the visible part of a website, with which users interact. Should you learn front-end development as a Data Scientist? Find out the answer. What is front-end development? In the field of web development, the notion of “front-end” development is essential. It encompasses the entire part of a website that is visible […]

Snowflake: What is it this Data Cloud tool? How to use it?


What is Snowflake? Snowflake is a data warehouse designed entirely and natively for the cloud. It is available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It is a columnar relational database with vectorized execution. In other words, it can handle the most demanding data analysis tasks. Its architecture separates computation from storage, enabling scaling at […]