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Cloud Data Engineer Course: The best options

cloud data engineer

Cloud Data Engineer Course: The role of a Cloud Data Engineer is becoming increasingly sought after in the business world. Explore everything you need to know about this profession that combines Cloud Computing and data engineering: overview, salary, job opportunities, and training programs. Data Engineer Course – Download Course Material With the rise of Cloud […]

DevOps: Principle, benefits, training

DevOps is an approach that reconciles development and operations. Widely used in the software development field, it is also embraced in the realm of Data Science and Machine Learning. Explore everything you need to know: definition, principles, tools, history, training, and more. In the past, development and operations were separate entities in the software field. […]

Scrapy: Everything you need to know about this Python web scraping tool


During internet browsing, many websites do not allow direct saving of data for personal use. The simplest solution in this case is to manually copy and paste the data, which can quickly become tedious and time-consuming. That’s why web scraping techniques are often used to extract data from websites. Web Scraping is the automation of […]

Text Mining: What you didn’t know

text mining

Text mining involves using Machine Learning to analyse text. Find out everything you need to know: definition, how it works, techniques, benefits, use cases, etc. Modern companies have a wealth of data on their customers or their industry. New digital technologies such as social networks, e-commerce, or mobile applications for smartphones provide access to a […]