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Unleashing Artistic Expression with Deep Learning Style Transfer

style transfer

Have you ever wished you could paint like Van Gogh? Reproduce Monet’s aesthetic in modern landscapes? In this article, we’ll introduce you to a technique using Deep Learning to apply the style of another to an original image. This optimization technique is known as neural style transfer, first described in Leon A. Gatys, A Neural […]

Efficient Excel Data Formatting Based on Cell Values


Conditional formatting can be used to highlight certain values or make cells easy to identify. It modifies the appearance of a range of cells according to a condition or several criteria. In this article, you’ll learn the tricks of conditional formatting and understand how to highlight the data you wish to advance in your analysis. […]

3 Examples for understanding non-parametric statistical tests

3 Examples for understanding non-parametric statistical tests

In this article, we introduce you to 3 non-parametric statistical tests and when to use them, with supporting examples. You might be familiar with the Student’s t-test, the Chi-square test, or the Fisher’s test, which are parametric tests. However, to use parametric statistical tests, we need to check certain assumptions about the data samples (such […]