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Decoding Adobe Campaign: Purpose, Users, and Benefits

Discover Adobe Campaign, a powerful marketing automation tool used by businesses to streamline customer communication and engagement. Learn who utilizes Adobe Campaign, its functionalities, and the benefits it offers for enhancing marketing campaigns and driving customer relationships.

In the digital age, it’s easy to imagine that old-fashioned prospecting methods such as mail are now outdated. However, studies show that 69% of those surveyed still read these promotional mailings on a daily basis. In order to combine offline and online marketing, Adobe has created Adobe Campaign, a multi-channel automated marketing platform. Find out […]

Calculate correlation between two variables: How do you measure dependence?

Correlation between variables: how do you measure dependence?

In data science, it is vital to discover and quantify the extent to which two variables are linked. These relationships can be complex and are not necessarily visible. Some of these dependencies, such as linear regressions, weaken the performance of Machine Learning algorithms. It therefore becomes imperative to prepare your data better. Discover our Machine […]