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GCP Cloud Functions : Discover Google’s calculation service

GCP Cloud Functions : Discover Google's calculation service

To design a new software application, developers often have to provide the entire underlying infrastructure (including servers, storage and other cloud resources). This is no longer the case with GCP Cloud Functions. This Google Cloud Platform service simplifies the work of DevOps thanks to micro-services. Find out more about how Cloud Functions works and its […]

How do I create a Power BI Dashboard?

How do I create a dashboard in Power BI?

Among Microsoft products and services, Power BI is one of the most powerful tools for professional use. Here’s how to create a dashboard. This means being able to read more easily an extract of the most important data from the report being produced. What is the first step in creating a dashboard in Power BI? […]

SEA (Search Engine Advertising): Exploring its Functionality and Operation

Delve into the workings of SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and uncover how it operates to promote businesses online. Learn about keyword targeting, ad placements, bidding strategies, and the impact of SEA on search engine results pages.

In today’s digital age, it’s in every company’s interest to appear on search engines (and social networks). But on Bing, Yahoo and Google, the competition is particularly intense. To ensure a top position, it’s best to implement an SEA strategy. So what is it all about? How does it work? What are the advantages and […]

AI Engineer: A Complete Guide to the Profession

Explore the role of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, including skills, responsibilities,

Artificial intelligence is omnipresent in the news, and we might forget that for several years now, it has been at the forefront of many sectors: industry, health, entertainment… Those who exploit this technology in companies are artificial intelligence engineers or also called: AI Engineer. They take on the complex task of simulating human thought to […]

AWS Route 53: Exploring the Domain Name System (DNS) Service

Discover AWS Route 53, Amazon's scalable and highly available Domain Name System (DNS) service. Learn how it works to route internet traffic to resources for domain registration, DNS routing, and health checking, ensuring reliable and efficient performance for your applications and websites hosted on AWS

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable web-based domain name service (DNS). More than just a DNS service, it offers a range of advanced features that enable businesses to efficiently manage their DNS infrastructure, ensure the availability of their applications and deliver fast, reliable user experiences. Route 53 features Amazon Route 53 is […]