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GCP custom role: How can I customise my access?

Learn how to customize access control in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with custom roles. Explore the process of creating custom roles to precisely define permissions for your GCP resources based on specific requirements and responsibilities.

During the development of a software programme or application, dozens or even hundreds of users are involved. But not all of them have the same access rights. So if you want to customise access to the various resources on the Google Cloud Platform, there’s GCP Custom. What is GCP custom role? GCP custom roles correspond […]

n8n: An Overview of the Workflow Automation Tool

n8n: An Overview of the Workflow Automation Tool

In business, redundant, day-to-day tasks are known as superfluous tasks. These tasks, which do not require any particular skills, can be detrimental to the productivity of your teams. Many new tools are emerging to automate these tasks and processes and keep employees motivated. Today we are going to present N8N, a free, open source workflow […]