Data Scientist CV : 5 things that should not be included !

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Competition is increasingly fierce between aspiring Data Scientists who have recently graduated. Discover 5 things not to put on your CV so as to gain an advantage over other candidates … These last few years, the profession of Data Scientist has been considered one of the best professions through all sectors. Very high remuneration, attractive […]

How to become a Data Engineer

Why become a data engineer? Missions, required skills, salaries, perspectives: find out everything you need to know about this job.  In 2011, the term “Data Engineer” becomes common to describe database design and integrate software engineering with data analysis. Thanks to the rise of Big Data, data engineering is a category of software engineering that […]

How to become a Data Scientist

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Among the professions in data science, we can mention the one of Data Analyst . What does a data analyst? How to become a data analyst? Don’t panic, we answer you in this article! What is a Data Analyst? Within Data Science, the profession of Data Analyst is often complementary to the one of Data […]

What is the best master in data science?

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Masters in data science are becoming more and more successful. And with good reason: the increased digitization of data that is difficult to tame and understand. While companies are increasingly looking for profiles capable of decrypting and manipulating their data in order to improve their strategy, students are aware of the added value that the […]