Hello Daniel, what is data normalization?

normalisation des données

Daniel is the technical support of DataScientest’s trainings. It is the expert on every subject related to data science, and which is now walking every of our learners through their trainings. He’s usually very busy… But today, we have managed to get a quick interview with him, so that he can answer a few of […]

What is technology scanning? Definition and challenges

veille technologique définition

If there is one thing that many sectors of activity share, it is the speed of evolution of the professions. It is becoming essential to keep up with innovations and advances capable of having an impact on the future of the business. This is what we call technology watch. In this article, we come back […]

Data Science: definition, issues and use cases


Data Science is a broad, multi-disciplinary field that aims to make sense of raw data. Data Science: definition, fields of application and current limits, discover everything you need to know about this complex field, which has become a priority issue for companies in all industries. Data Science- Definition The simplest way to define Data Science […]