Hello Daniel, what is data normalization?

normalisation des données

Daniel is the technical support of DataScientest’s trainings. It is the expert on every subject related to data science, and which is now walking every of our learners through their trainings. He’s usually very busy… But today, we have managed to get a quick interview with him, so that he can answer a few of […]

MongoDB: all about the document-oriented NoSQL database


MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database. It differs from relational databases in its flexibility and performance. Find out everything you need to know about this must-have tool for data engineering. MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database that appeared in the mid-2000s. It is used for storing massive volumes of data. Unlike a traditional SQL relational […]

Data Warehouse

data warehouse

A Data Warehouse allows you to collect data from various sources and analyze them. Discover everything you need to know about this technology at the heart of Data Science: definition, operation, history, use cases, training… The term “Data Warehousing” refers to the process of collecting and managing data from various sources in order to extract […]

Python or R : Which to choose ?

Python ou R

Python or R? The answer in this match in 5 rounds First of all, it must be understood that no programming language is better than another.  However, the fact that Python is more widely used in academia and therefore predominant later in industry is a considerable advantage if you want to train yourself in Data […]

SQL – learn all about the programming language for databases


SQL is a programming language for manipulating databases. Discover everything you need to know about it: how it works, use cases, learning methods… SQL or “Structured Query Language” is a programming language used to manipulate data and relational database systems.. This language mainly allows to communicate with databases in order to manage the data they […]