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Data Project Manager: Job responsibilities and opportunities

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Traditional project managers focus on delivering a project on time, on budget and within scope. They try to plan most of the project upstream to avoid surprises during implementation.

It’s important to know that project management in data teams focuses more on creating value through rapid development cycles and continuous feedback.

Effective project managers can move seamlessly from one activity to another, but they need to oversee the whole project. From the development phase through to the operational phase.

A Data Project Manager is a professional who organizes, plans and executes data projects while respecting constraints such as budgets and schedules.

He/she leads entire teams, defines project objectives, communicates with stakeholders and brings the project to a successful conclusion. He is responsible for the success or failure of the project. On the Data side, he or she is responsible for creating and administering databases, so that these teams produce the most efficient work possible.

What does a Data Project Manager do?

A project is generally divided into four different phases: initiation, planning, execution and closure.

Throughout the life cycle of a project, the project manager is responsible for :

  • Defining the project scope.
  • Keeping to the schedule.
  • Planning project costs and stay within budget.
  • Managing project resources.
  • Documenting project progress.
  • Communicating with stakeholders.
  • Assessi,ng risks.
  • Making himself available to help his teams.


Because of the diversity of his tasks, no two days are alike. On any given day, he may be interviewing and recruiting new talent, managing team meetings, reallocating resources to cover an unforeseen expense, or updating stakeholders on project progress.

What are the advantages of this job?

A fast-moving profession, there are now more job vacancies for Data Project Managers than there are jobseekers. In fact, the role of Data Project Manager is in demand in almost every sector.

In Europe, the demand for this expertise outpaces supply, leading companies to propose enticing salary packages to attract these skilled professionals. Indeed, data from glassdoor.fr suggests that the standard annual gross salary in France stands at €47,952.

The second advantage is the great potential for advancement within the company. In fact, as this is a profession that requires constant updating in terms of technology, companies don’t hesitate to provide their employees with ongoing training. This enables them to improve their skills and to be eligible for management positions in the years following their initial hiring.

The final advantage is the opportunity for professional fulfillment, thanks to the succession of different projects. Thanks to this strategic position, the Data Project Manager will have a global vision of all projects, and will be able to have an impact on the company’s decisions. The Data Project Manager therefore has no time to tire of his day-to-day work. They are constantly stimulated by novelty and curiosity, and it’s a job that allows them to learn and acquire new skills on a daily basis.

Data Project Manager is an exciting profession that will enable you to develop both personally and professionally. To get you started on this adventure and to train you in the best possible way, take a look at our Data Project Manager or Data Management training courses. You’ll find full details of these courses directly on our website.

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