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DB-GPT, the solution against data leakage

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As artificial intelligence models become more powerful and present in our daily lives, the risks to our privacy grow. That's why a group of independent developers have created DB-GPT, the solution to data leakage.

What is DB-GPT?

DB-GPT is a project aimed at creating a complete private LLM solution for databases. It has been designed to ensure that sensitive data and environments remain totally under control, to avoid confidential data leaks or security risks associated with large language models (LLMs). DB-GPT supports local deployment to ensure that models remain absolutely private, secure and controllable. It uses localized GPT models to interact with data.

DB-GPT is an experimental open source project. With this solution, its creators ensure that there is no risk of data leakage, and that user data is 100% private and secure.

What guarantees data security?

DB-GPT creates an extensive template operating system using FastChat and offers an LLM powered by Vicuna. In addition, it provides answers to questions with private domain knowledge thanks to LangChain. In addition, it also provides support for additional plugins, and naturally supports the Auto-GPT plugin.

DB-GPT’s basic capabilities consist of the following elements:

  • Knowledge base capability: private domain database support, question answering capability.
  • Large-scale model management capability: provides a large-scale model operating environment based on FastChat.
  • Unified storage and indexing of data vectors: provides a uniform means of storing and indexing various types of data.
  • Connection module: used to connect different modules and data sources for data flow and interaction.
  • Agent and plugin: provides agent and plugin mechanisms, enabling users to customize and enhance system behavior.
  • Prompt generation and optimization: automatically generates high-quality prompts and optimizes them to improve system response efficiency.
  • Multi-platform product interface: supports various client products, such as web, mobile and desktop applications.

DB-GPT seems to be the solution to data leakage and the exposure of artificial intelligence users’ privacy. Capable of optimizing chatbot tasks, some consider it the spiritual son of Auto-GPT, a model capable of optimizing ChatGPT tasks ad infinitum.That’s why if you’ve enjoyed this article and are considering a career in Data Science, don’t hesitate to discover our articles or training offers on DataScientest.

Source : db-gpt.readthedocs.io

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