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Fivetran: Simple, automated management of data pipelines

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Explore how Fivetran revolutionizes data pipeline management with its simple yet powerful automated approach. Learn how businesses can efficiently sync and consolidate data from various sources, empowering data-driven decision-making and analysis.

Today, companies produce exponential quantities of data from a variety of sources. Managing these information flows has therefore become a priority to ensure increased competitiveness. Fivetran offers a solution that automates the transfer of data to a cloud storage site. Find out more about the features of this SaaS tool and how to simplify data integration.

What is Fivetran?

Based in Oakland, California, Fivetran was born in 2013, founded by Taylor Brown (COO) and George Fraser (CEO). Initially designed for data analysis, the creators preferred to focus on automating data integration.

Today, Fivetran is a SaaS tool that simplifies the creation of data pipelines with great efficiency. It enables data marketing experts to transfer their data from multiple data sources to cloud-based data warehouses. This pre-configured connector has access to over 150 data sources and can link them to 5 different data warehouses:

What sources are available?

We categorize Fivetran’s 362 accessible sources into 6 categories:

  • Data analysis tools: Google Analytics, GA 360, for direct analysis of other data sources.
  • CRM: Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, to link marketing actions with offline results.
  • Advertising agencies: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, which link campaign costs to CRM performance.
  • E-mailing tools: Mailchimp, Marketo, to see the impact of other marketing levers.
  • Customer service tools: Service Now, Front, Zendesk, to link customer service data with CRM.
  • eCommerce tools: Magento, Shopify, to centralize and analyze all e-commerce data.

What are Fivetran's strengths?

Fivetran is a leader in the automation of pipelines and their maintenance. Of course, it’s perfectly possible to create your own pipelines by connecting directly to data source APIs, but Fivetran offers a number of advantages:

  • Saves time: Fivetran automates the creation of the pipeline from the data source directly to the desired data warehouse. This considerably reduces the data engineer’s workload.
  • Easy to use: no need for in-depth technical skills to use Fivetran, a data analyst is perfectly capable of using it correctly and creating high-quality pipelines.
  • Automated maintenance: Fivetran constantly monitors deployed pipelines, maintaining them and alerting users when a problem requires human intervention.
  • Automated APIs: every API is different, and knowing how it all works can be a daunting, if not impossible, task. That’s why Fivetran automates the use of APIs, so that the user doesn’t have to.

What are the alternatives to Fivetran?

There are many alternatives to Fivetran on the market. For large-scale projects, we recommend Stitch and Segment.

But if your project is focused on data marketing, we recommend Supermetrics and Funnel.io, which are better suited to this field.

How much does Fivetran cost?

Fivetran charges by volume, and the cost is calculated according to the number of new lines added or updated each month. On average, an average project costs €500, while a large project will require a budget of €3,000. To convince yourself of its effectiveness, the tool offers a 14-day free trial.

Fivetran is a powerful automation tool for creating pipelines between multiple data sources, to a cloud storage site. Easy to use, it facilitates the work of data engineers and can even be used by non-technical users.

Now that you know all about Fivetran and how it works, if you’re interested in data marketing tools or considering training in this field, don’t hesitate to consult our articles or our data marketing training course on DataScientest.

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