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Google announces new AI models for Google Cloud

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Wednesday, May 10 was the Google I/O conference, the opportunity for Google to say more about its various projects. This event allowed Google to make a series of announcements, including those integration of new services on Google Cloud.

What are the new services on Google Cloud?

The main interest of this update is to help companies to develop their offer with AI. These new tools will be on “Vertex AI”, the cloud platform that allows developing its AI tools. 

First, Google announced the arrival of PaLM 2 on Google Cloud, this AI model capable of generating images, code and even AI products in 100 different languages. The American leader then presented 3 new services that are directly available on its cloud:

  • Imagen, an image-generating AI with the ability to edit manually or customize images.
  • Codey, a prompt-based code generation tool (textual request).
  • Chirp, a speech recognition model with a database of 300 languages.

Google says that PaLM 2 will also be integrated into its Workspace office suite to assist its users in their projects, especially those with programming or development.

With this strong proposal of services, Google seeks to conquer the attention of companies and individuals to make it the market leader. If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about the Google I/O conference, or if you’re considering a career in Data Science, feel free to check out our articles or our training offers on DataScientest.

Source : io.google

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