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Google Bard available everywhere… except in Europe

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Wednesday, May 10th was the Google I/O conference, the opportunity for Google to say more about its different projects. Once again, the giant took the opportunity to announce several innovations concerning Bard and especially its availability.

Google Bard available in 180 countries

During the presentation on Bard, the chatbot was announced as available, without waiting list, in 180 countries. Thanks to the installation of the new Google PaLM 2 LLM, Bard can now speak over 100 languages, including English, Japanese and Korean.

Nevertheless, Bard doesn’t know German, Spanish or French. A surprising thing when you know the number of speakers of these 3 languages in the world.

Google seems to opt for a long-term strategy, preferring to make sure of the linguistic qualities of its new LLM before making it fully polyglot.

What's new on Google Bard

Many features were announced on Bard during the Google I/O. The first one is its multimodal ability to answer and use images. It can answer a question with a picture or add a picture to a text answer. It’s also able to understand that a question refers to an added image.

Besides that, Bard is more precise on code questions and now offers a direct export to Replit, the programming platform associated with Google. Finally, a dark mode to stop hurting our eyes.

The next additions to come for the chatbot will be the integration of plug-ins from Adobe Firefly, Kayak, Instacart, Wolfram and Khan Academy. This extension will increase Bard’s capabilities tenfold in the coming months, hopefully by then it will be available in Europe.

Google is trying to catch up with Microsoft with ChatGPT and Bing Chat. To overtake them, Bard’s strength will lie in the integration of other Google products into its scope. In any case, if you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about the Google I/O conference, or if you’re considering a career in Data Science, feel free to check out our articles or training offers on DataScientest.

Source : io.google

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