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Google improves its Workspace suite with artificial intelligence

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On Wednesday, May 10, Google held its I/O conference, an opportunity for Google to tell more about its various projects. In its explanation on the use of AI, Google presented several changes to come for its Workspace suite.

What are these changes for Workspace?

The upcoming changes to the Workspace suite will be due to the integration of PaLM 2 on the Google Docs, Sheets and Slices applications. This new generation of artificial intelligence will be called “Duet AI” and will be available to a handful of testers next month.

On Google Docs, a user will be able to use “Duet AI” through the “Help me write” button. By specifying his request with a written description, the AI will generate a text according to the provided request.

For Google Sheets, users will be able to interact with “Duet AI” with the “Help me organize” option. This option will allow its user to create tables automatically by providing the data to the AI.

The last use of “Duet AI” is on Google Slide with the option “Help me visualize.” The AI will be able to generate images according to the user’s request. If the user isn’t satisfied with the result, he can ask to modify it as many times as necessary.

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Source : io.google


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