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IBM launches a suite of AI tools and competes with Google, Microsoft and Amazon

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At its annual Think conference, IBM announced its new development platform, IBM Watsonx. This platform is to provide tools for creating new AI, including generative AI.

What are these new tools?

During their conference, the company presented a multitude of new products with or without direct links to artificial intelligence. IBM wants to provide a platform to build the next generative AIs, but also help companies manage their carbon emissions and privacy. This new platform comes to answer the needs of companies, according to an IBM survey. Indeed, 30% of business leaders who responded to the survey said they don’t trust AI because of its lack of transparency, while 42% are afraid of the impact on privacy.

The Watsonx Platform

Watsonx is IBM’s main new feature, offering seven pre-trained models, some of which are open source. To make these different tools, IBM partnered with Hugging Face, an AI startup, to include thousands of models, datasets and libraries developed by Hugging Face.

During the Think presentation, the organizers highlighted five tools from the platform:

fm.model.code is a model that will help companies generate their code. Its users will have the ability to make natural language commands that the tool will turn into a code.

fm.model.NLP is a collection of LLMs, it includes specialized text generative AIs to adapt to any vocabulary, including industry or organic chemistry.

fm.model.geospatial is an AI based on NASA climate and remote sensing data. It will give predictions to anticipate natural disasters, biodiversity changes, soil irrigation, and other geophysical processes.

Watsonx.data is the platform’s data store. It manages the governance, automation, and integration of databases with an organization’s tools.

Watsonx.governance is a mechanism for protecting customer privacy. In an evasive explanation, the tool would be able to detect a model drift and help companies follow ethical standards.

Other news from IBM

Besides the presentation of Watsonx, IBM is also announcing two new products indirectly related to its platform. 

First, a new generation of GPUs optimized for AI and IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator. IBM CCC is a dashboard to measure, track, manage and report on the carbon emissions generated by their cloud usage. 

IBM’s new suite of tools differentiates itself from competitors in the market with training data sets that contain “multiple types of enterprise data, including code, time-series data, tabular data, geospatial data and computer event data.”

A major new company is stepping forward in the competition to see who will be the AI market leader. The big difference in IBM’s solutions is the emphasis on transparency and data freedom, a strategy that will make them stand out? If you liked this article and if you consider a career in Data Science, don’t hesitate to discover our articles or our training offers on DataScientest.

Source : newsroom.ibm.com

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