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Talend, the tool of choice for integrating your data

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Talend is a software publisher specializing in data integration. It has been named a leader in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions. Talend provides software and services for data integration and management, enterprise application integration, data quality optimization, cloud storage and Big Data.

Launched in 2006 by Bertrand Diard and Fabrice Bonan, Talend is the first company to market open source software for data integration. In recent years, the creation and exploitation of data has increased exponentially.

Once confined to the IT domain, data now supports business and decision-making.

Talend Data Fabric, a suite of applications that covers all integration projects

With the rise of Big Data and the revolution in the use of data, data scientists are faced with ever-growing data sources, which often complicate the exploitation of this data.

To address this problem, Talend offers the Talend Data Fabric, a suite of integrated applications to cover all enterprise data integration and qualification projects.

Among these applications is Cloud Integration, a solution that enables data and applications to be integrated in the cloud in real time, without any loss of information. Conversely, Stitch Data Loader is a second application that enables companies to load data from various cloud sources into a data warehouse and data lake.

Talend Data Integration, Talend’s flagship software, enables rapid drag-and-drop data integration via the creation of ETL workflows. Big Data Platform is Talend’s product dedicated to Big Data management. It enables complex data integration.

Create your own APIs efficiently

Talend Cloud API Services is a software package that enables you to quickly create, test and deploy your own APIs, without necessarily having to resort to code.

An “Application Programming Interface” or API is a program that enables two distinct applications to communicate with each other and exchange data.

APIs have become essential in the automation of data processing. They enable companies to modernize their information systems by optimizing the architecture of their tools and reducing development costs. They also enable them to be more responsive and adapt more easily to digital evolutions.

Data integrity and governance

In addition to integration and API creation, Talend is also very useful when it comes to data governance.

This set of measures ensures effective and efficient use of the information held by the company, with the aim of helping businesses achieve their objectives.

Talend Data Fabric provides an overview of all data sources, databases and applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Data Catalog integrates all the features needed to create a central data catalog that can be documented and shared. This gives companies a clearer picture of their data architecture and quality.

Another of the platform’s tools, Talend Trust Score, offers instant visibility and reliability of all the company’s databases. Talend Trust Score, enables companies to ensure the good health of their data while complying with privacy (such as GDPR) or industry regulations.

To obtain quality data, small businesses can call on Data Quality Service (DQS). This service enables them to put in place the best practices for obtaining quality data. With DQS, companies can visualize and track KPIs related to data quality. DQS also enables quality issues to be identified and corrected, enabling the company to make strategic decisions.

How much does Talend cost?

Talend offers 4 price plans to meet different business needs.

The Stitch package essentially enables data replication and exploitation for data analysts and business users.
The Data Management Platform package offers a flexible tool for data integration in multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise environments.

It also offers data profiling to identify quality issues, and shareable, reusable transformation models to resolve these issues.

Finally, under this formula, companies have access to self-service data preparation functionalities.

The Big Data Platform package offers Data Management Platform functionalities, as well as the connectors and functionalities required to transfer large volumes of data.

Finally, Talend’s most comprehensive Data Fabric package offers, in addition to the functionalities of the two above-mentioned packages, the ability to create APIs for data sharing, access to flexible microservices for optimal development cycles, and application-to-application integration.

More and more companies are choosing to work with Talend. The company has grown from 1300 customers in 2006 to over 6000 today.

These include major international companies such as Japanese carmaker Toyota, American bank Citi Bank and pizza chain Domino’s Pizza.

While IBM, Informatica and SAP also offer data integration solutions, Talend has the advantage of being open-source. Companies can therefore modify the platform’s code and adapt it to their needs. Talend’s data visibility also saves valuable time and improves productivity. Talend’s Big Data system is also renowned for its high performance. For example, Talend has enabled L’Oréal to process over 50 million pieces of data per day on the brand’s 7 billion cosmetics products. Thanks to Talend’s real-time Big Data system and its graphical visualization, the Research and Innovation department was able to implement efficient project management.

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