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Weights & Biases unveils new suite of tools for prompts engineer

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The new era of artificial intelligence has seen the birth of revolutionary tools like ChatGPT, Mid Journey and others. Now, these tools have become the focus of massive investment and creation that is also driving change. To meet the new needs of users, Weights & Biases is developing a new class of tools to simplify the use of generative AI.

What do these tools consist of?

Weight & Biases announced this week an update to their MLOps development platform to enable LLMOps. The Franciscan startup has noticed that organizations using LLM aren’t creating anything new, but are busy refining or using existing prompts.

In that sense, the new platform feature provides capabilities that make it easier to build LLM-based applications with pre-built prompts for an optimized result.

The creation of W&B tools stems from the growing dependence of enterprises on LLM vendors like OpenAI. Organizations, unable to create unique templates, prefer to subscribe and pay the price of maintaining APIs from specialized companies.

What changes do these tools bring?

Thanks to the emergence of the market, artificial intelligence models have become simpler. Today, anyone can use or develop their own AI with the right training. That’s why W&B’s new tools fit into this vision of simplicity.

In a series of demonstrations, journalists were able to observe some of the newly available tools. The first tool debugs potential errors in a prompt chain. The second tool acts as a framework and is called LangChain. This support tool is used to evaluate the effectiveness of prompts for OpenAI-based LLMs.

As artificial intelligences develop, the difficulties of creating and using them become less and less. It is in this continuity that tools such as those from W&B are emerging. We also find in this kind of tool, AutoGPT, a service able to make ChatGPT autonomous. That’s why if you liked this article and if you consider a career in Data Science, don’t hesitate to discover our articles or our training offers on DataScientest.

Source : wandb.ai


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