How to become a Data Engineer

Why become a data engineer? Missions, required skills, salaries, perspectives: find out everything you need to know about this job.  In 2011, the term “Data Engineer” becomes common to describe database design and integrate software engineering with data analysis. Thanks to the rise of Big Data, data engineering is a category of software engineering that […]

Python or R : Which to choose ?

Python ou R

Python or R? The answer in this match in 5 rounds First of all, it must be understood that no programming language is better than another.  However, the fact that Python is more widely used in academia and therefore predominant later in industry is a considerable advantage if you want to train yourself in Data […]

Online Data Scientist Training

formation data scientist en ligne

An online Data Scientist training course has many strong points. Find out why and how to join such a program with DataScientest… The Data Scientist business is growing rapidly, and companies in all sectors are looking for such experts. In all industries, these scientists are in high demand to analyze and process the vast volumes […]

How to become a Data Scientist

devenir data analyst

Among the professions in data science, we can mention the one of Data Analyst . What does a data analyst? How to become a data analyst? Don’t panic, we answer you in this article! What is a Data Analyst? Within Data Science, the profession of Data Analyst is often complementary to the one of Data […]

What is technology scanning? Definition and challenges

veille technologique définition

If there is one thing that many sectors of activity share, it is the speed of evolution of the professions. It is becoming essential to keep up with innovations and advances capable of having an impact on the future of the business. This is what we call technology watch. In this article, we come back […]