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How to become a Data Engineer?

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Why become a data engineer? Missions, required skills, salaries, perspectives: find out everything you need to know about this job.

In 2011, the term “Data Engineer” became common to describe database design and integrate software engineering with data analysis. Thanks to the rise of Big Data, data engineering is a category of software engineering that is now essential to the proper use of data.

What’s the job of a data engineer?

The work of the data engineer is ahead of the work of the Data Scientist and is part of engineering. It consists of developing tools to handle large volumes of data and make them practical and usable by Data Scientists and Data Analysts.  

More succinctly, Data Scientists can be defined as car drivers whose roads were built by Data Engineers.  Data Engineers are now extremely desirable to corporate recruiters because a Data Scientist is no longer sufficient to study data efficiently and completely: group work must be organized. Thus, the Data Engineer is designated to implement the necessary infrastructure to ensure the correct analysis of data. 

Thus, his work comes before that of the Data Scientist. He focuses on setting up the data pipeline and making sure that others can do their jobs properly by providing the right data architectures and making the data usable for Data Scientists

The job of a data engineer has many faces and typical missions are divided into three parts.

  • The first will be to store, modify and distribute large volumes of data.
  • Then, the data engineer must develop Machine Learning models adapted to production servers.
  • Finally, he will have to create data processing pipelines.


Be careful though! Not everyone can be a Data Engineer and a 5-year degree in science or a 3-year degree in computer science will be a prerequisite to follow this training. In addition, it will be necessary to have some prerequisites in statistics and linear algebra even if the notions to be mastered in priority remain the methods of programming, algorithms and BDD databases.

According to our survey among Chief Data Officers of CAC 40 companies, the salary of a Junior Data Engineer varies between €45,000 and €50,000 per year and that of a Senior Data Engineer will be €50,000 or even more than €60,000 per year.

Why choose Datascientest for training?

At DataScientest, we have developed a Data Engineer track as close as possible to the expectations of the business. At the end of your training, you will have acquired all the essential knowledge to enter the Data job market actively and serenely.

Indeed, according to the study conducted among all our learners, 93% of those who have completed the data engineer course found a job directly after the end of their training..

What are the different modules of our track ?

Several modules build our course for a total duration of 325 hours to be validated in bootcamp format (11 weeks) or continuous (9 months) and a price of 5000€. Our data engineer training is compatible with many financial aid programs.

At the end of your training you will know for example :

  • Read and understand Python code
  • Understanding object-oriented programming
  • Manage an operating system (e.g. Linux), Bash executables, cooperate and save projects with Git and GitHub
  • Set up and optimize a Machine Learning algorithm
  • Manipulate and manage data tables
  • Understand the specificities of distributed architectures
  • Read and question relational databases
  • Understand the purpose of API development

Finally, choosing a Data Engineer training at DataScient is choosing employment assistance to help you enter the job market. During your training, career workshops are organized every month to help you write a good data oriented CV and to train you for recruitment tests. You can also benefit from the personalized advice of our career team who will be able to advise and help you thanks to its collaboration with many companies.

Want to know more? Ask for our detailed program!


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