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Professional Data Science Training: The best options

data science training

According to a study by Burtch Works in collaboration with the International Institute for Analytics, ‘45% of companies believe that data analysis remains central and essential to their operations.’ Consequently, businesses have several options to adapt to this transition: either hire new talents or provide internal training for their teams. The second solution, professional training, […]

Data Analyst Salary: Average Salary Revealed

data analyst salary

How much can a Data Analyst earn, and how can you train to pursue this profession? The salary of a Data Analyst can vary depending on several factors, such as the country, industry, and professional experience. Discover everything you need to know in this article about data analyst salary What does a Data Analyst do? […]

Data Analyst vs Data Scientis: Unveiling the Key Similarities and Differences

da ds

In the era of Big Data, companies require experts who can decipher data. This is precisely the role of the data analyst and the data scientist. However, while these two professionals excel in data analysis, their roles differ within organizations. So, what are the similarities? What are the differences? Explore the data scientist vs data […]

Unveiling the Secrets of the VGG Model: A Deep Dive with Daniel


Daniel is back, the iconic face of our training courses who guides our learners through to their diploma. Today he’s going to introduce you to a model frequently used in Computer Vision: VGG. We’ve previously had the opportunity, some time ago, to delve into the concept of Transfer Learning. If you missed our article on […]

Learn AI: Everything you need to know


Learn AI: An artificial intelligence, or AI, is a program that seeks to mimic human intelligence through computational algorithms. Its creation enables computers to perform operations and think like a human being. Since 2010, the development of artificial intelligence has been accelerated by big data. In this article, discover everything there is to know about […]

SQL Tutorial: Top 5 Most Useful Methods


SQL Tutorial: SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language that is nearly indispensable for managing databases in today’s data-driven world. In a world where data is a valuable resource in its own right, it’s easy to understand why knowing how to use this language is a highly sought-after skill. In this article, we […]

Python Programming for Beginners – Episode 3

python for beginners

Python Programming for Beginners – Table of Contents: Episode 1 – Introduction – Variables – Types Episode 2 – Operators – Loops – Functions Episode 3 Import of Data Data Cleaning Data Processing Episode 4 – Import of Python Libraries –Import of Data – Handling Missing Values Python Cheat Sheet Welcome to the third episode […]

Quantitative Analyst: Discover the best courses

quant training

A Quantitative Analyst course equips you with all the skills needed to become a Quantitative Analyst. Explore how to pursue training for this highly sought-after career in the finance sector. In the world of finance, luck has no place. Companies now turn to Quantitative Analysts: professionals capable of developing complex mathematical models to minimize risks, […]

NLP training: Become an NLP Pro and Master the Art of Natural Language Processing


An NLP Training opens doors to work in the field of AI and Data Science. Discover everything you need to know about Natural Language Processing and how to train to become a professional. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has seen significant growth. Some branches of AI, such as NLP or Natural Language Processing, […]