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Professional Data Science Training: The best options

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According to a study by Burtch Works in collaboration with the International Institute for Analytics, '45% of companies believe that data analysis remains central and essential to their operations.' Consequently, businesses have several options to adapt to this transition: either hire new talents or provide internal training for their teams. The second solution, professional training, offers numerous advantages, which we will explore in this article on Data Science Training

The evolution of trends and habits has significantly increased data production. Big Data is increasingly used by companies in various processes.

No industry is exempt: banking, insurance, finance, agriculture, environment, retail, and many others.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms are everywhere, running artificial intelligences day and night. All of this is aimed at optimizing sales, uncovering trends, or gaining more information about customers.

As a result, companies will soon be unable to do without data scientists on their teams to manage the massive amount of data generated.

To best train teams while allowing them to continue their professional activities, companies opt for continuous training, as offered by DataScientest.

This format, which involves about 10 hours per week, allows for direct alignment with employees’ tasks.

Another format offered by DataScientest is the Bootcamp, where the training is more intensive, with a format of 35 hours per week. However, the duration is shorter, allowing teams to reskill more rapidly to become proficient in data analysis quickly.

A significant advantage of professional data science training is the ability to establish a direct link with the company. To better align with business demands, DataScientest has implemented a core project with a workload ranging from 80 to 120 hours, depending on the program.

This project is co-designed with companies to best reflect the everyday use cases of each field. Thanks to this project, our learners are able to apply the skills acquired during the training.

For companies, data science executive education represents an opportunity to retain employees and boost motivation in teams. It allows employees to keep up with the latest trends in artificial intelligence.

This not only reduces turnover in the company but also makes it easier to attract new talent, as training is a major factor in the company’s employer brand.

Reskilling teams allows employees to pursue different career opportunities within the company without leaving it. This helps promote employee loyalty.

Professional Data Science training within the company allows for tailored training by DataScientest.

The offering has been designed for remote learning, allowing us to deploy our courses quickly, adapting to everyone’s availability. This is achieved while maintaining coaching to achieve a success rate of 100%, well above the mere 10% achieved by traditional MOOCs.

Thus, it is evident that on-the-job data science training offers great flexibility to employees and enables companies to develop teams in data science since 2015 to support your company in its data transition.


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