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Data Architect training: skills, salary, education

data architect

The Data Architect is a professional responsible for designing a company’s data architecture. He or she defines the data collection and storage system, enabling Data Scientists to analyze the data. Find out how to train to become a Data Architect in this highly sought-after profession! Data opens up a wealth of opportunities for companies. By […]

Spectral Clustering: definition, operation, use

spectral clustering

“Data drives all we do”, le slogan de Cambridge Analytica se vérifie en permanence: les données influencent et structurent nos choix, en tant que consommateurs, citoyens, politiques, entrepreneurs… This data provides a wealth of decision-making information. On a small scale, it’s relatively simple. But data experts need powerful tools to process and sort all this […]

MLOps: DevOps applied to Machine Learning projects


In a previous article, we presented the DevOps philosophy, and how this new approach enables faster value delivery for businesses through the unification of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams, which previously worked in silos. In this article, we’ll look at the application of this approach to Machine Learning problems: we’re talking about MLOps. Back […]

Data Science Jobs: Unraveling the Differences

data science jobs

Data Science Jobs are often a source of misunderstanding, and are also sometimes subject to a hierarchy – wrongly so, since they are quite different professions. The uninitiated, also known as Muggles in the trade, may see some grey areas. Indeed, the mistake often made is to speak of “Data Scientist” indiscriminately to encompass all […]

LIKE SQL: How to use this search function

like sql

Developers and data experts can use SQL to communicate with databases. Thanks to various queries, you can select certain information, update a table, add data, delete data, and so on. Among the commands you need to know is the LIKE SQL query. But what is it used for? How do you use it? Discover the […]

SQL INSERT INTO: Insert data with this SQL query

sql insert into

To insert data into your SQL table, you can use the SQL INSERT INTO query. But how does it work? That’s what we’re going to look at in this article. What is an SQL INSERT INTO request? SQL INSERT INTO is one of the most commonly used commands in the SQL language. And with good […]

SQL DELETE: How do I use this query?

sql delete

One of the must-have SQL queries is DELETE. And with good reason: this command lets you delete rows of data. But how do you use SQL DELETE? Let’s find out in this article. What is SQL DELETE? To guarantee the quality and reliability of the data in a table, it is often necessary to delete […]