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Data Science in education: how data is transforming schools

data science bildung

Data Science is transforming the education sector, bringing it into the digital age. Discover the multiple possibilities offered by Big Data and AI for school systems, and why it’s a prime field for Data Scientists. The education sector generates large volumes of data. Schools, colleges and universities have at their disposal a vast amount of […]

Getting Started with Power BI Online: Your Introduction to Data Visualization

power bi online

Microsoft Power BI is a data analysis tool available in two versions: Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online. The Power BI Desktop application enables users to create interactive data visualizations locally, while Power BI Online is a cloud-based variant of Power BI. With Power BI Online, you can create many different types of visualization […]

Demystifying Scrum: A Comprehensive Guide


As explained in the previous article, there are several types of agile method. The SCRUM concept is one of the most popular agile methods, first introduced by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber in 1996. The agile method is widely used within companies. It enables better management of agile projects, with the overriding aim of coordinating […]

Neo4j Unveiled: Exploring the Pinnacle of Graph Databases


To take advantage of the large volumes of complex data at their disposal, companies are now exploiting graph analytics tools. This technology converts Big Data into valuable information. One of the most popular graph-oriented databases is Neo4j. Developers and data scientists use it to take advantage of numerous tools for creating applications or analyzing data. […]

Choosing the Right Data Science Online Training: Face-to-Face vs. Distance Learning

data science training

Data Science Online Training: Whether you’re starting out on a new learning path or deciding to improve your skills, you need to choose the teaching method that seems best suited to your needs. Whether you’re learning a new language or Data Science (not so far from a new language to explore), choosing the right pedagogical […]

Boosting Business with 3 Essential Machine Learning Algorithms

machine learning algorithmen

The word algorithm is now part of everyday language. But what does it really mean? Behind this simple word lies a whole world of unsupervised learning, data science, neural networks… Why don’t we take the time to define things? In this article, you’ll discover or rediscover some useful Machine Learning algorithms to master. ☝️Let’s start […]

The Evolution of Data Insights: Data Science vs. Business Intelligence in the Big Data Era

data science business intelligence

Business Intelligence and Data Science are two distinct disciplines focused on data analysis. Discover the differences, the commonalities and, above all, the complementarity between these two fields… Not so long ago, traditional, descriptive Business Intelligence was sufficient to monitor a company’s performance. In the age of Big Data, however, BI is no longer enough. Faced […]

Data Science and Healthcare: The Impact on Medicine

Data Science and Healthcare

Thanks to the abundance of data available, Data Science is disrupting the healthcare sector. Find out how data analysis and AI are transforming the medical environment, and how to become a “Healthcare Data Scientist”… The healthcare sector generates immense quantities of data. According to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, this field alone accounts […]

API Integration in Python: Databases Made Easy

python api integration

In our first article, we looked at some of the principles involved in building REST APIs, as well as a first example of their implementation in Python using Flask.In this example, data was integrated into the code in the form of a list of dictionaries.We also have an article on how to program and document […]

Ansible: The Ultimate IT Automation Tool for DevOps Success


If you’re in IT, you’re probably hearing more and more about Ansible. CIOs are calling it the “darling” of DevOps for automating software tasks. StackShare lists over 1,700 companies using Ansible, including Revolut, Zalando and public agencies such as NASA. So, what is Ansible, and why has it become so popular so quickly? What is […]

Creating Stunning Excel Charts: A Step-by-Step Guide

excel grafik

One of the most effective ways of representing data in a clear and comprehensible way is to create diagrams and charts. Microsoft Excel offers users a wide range of analysis options. It is therefore possible to gain greater visibility over your numerical data by creating charts in Excel. In presentations, charts and graphs are often […]

Avoid These Top 5 Common Python Coding Mistakes


Learn to code in Python. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and now you’re ready to get started! You download anaconda and the famous Titanic dataset, install jupyter and off you go. As with all beginnings, you may change your mind at the first hurdle, and even if you’re willing, some of them […]