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Jira: A tool for Agile project development management

Jira: A tool for Agile project development management

Find out in this article how to optimize your teamwork time and improve the organization of your projects. We introduce you to the Jira platform: the context in which we use it, how it works and its advantages. What is Jira? Jira is a project management software that was launched in 2002 by Atlassian. Initially […]

Become a DevOps Engineer: Tasks and skills

Become a DevOps Engineer: Tasks and skills

Become a DevOps Engineer: Stemming from the contraction of development and operations, the profession of DevOps engineer is increasingly in demand, particularly in companies needing greater agility and better control of their IT systems. DevOps culture: what does it mean? The term DevOps refers to a practice that enables a single IT team to manage […]

Become a Data Engineer – The Must-Have Skills

Become a Data Engineer

Data-related professions, whether in Big Data, transformation, artificial intelligence, etc., require a panoply of knowledge and tools that you need to master, if not have at least some notions of. These different professions require different levels of knowledge and/or expertise. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the Data Engineer profession. […]

Area charts: Definition, differences and limits of these models

area charts are a valuable visualization tool for showing trends and cumulative data over time or categories. They provide a visual representation of how values change while emphasizing the cumulative aspect.

Area charts are invaluable tools for comparing data and their evolution over time. So what are they? What is the purpose of these charts? What are their limitations? And what about the different models? Find out the answers. What are area charts? The area chart is used to compare quantitative data and show their evolution […]

Teaching the computer to read with Optical Character Recognition

Teaching the computer to read with Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), also known as ocherecognition, encompasses all the methods used to generate text files from images containing handwritten text. With the advent of digital technology and automation, OCR has become an indispensable tool, as images containing text cannot be processed by a computer. 1. A little history The first version of a […]

Apache Storm: Explanations and Use cases

Apache Storm

What is Apache Storm? Apache Storm is an open-source distributed real-time data flow processing system, developed mainly in Clojure. It enables continuous data flow management. Today, Storm is widely used in social networking, online gaming and industrial monitoring systems. Apache Storm was originally developed by Nathan Marz for the startup Backtype, which was subsequently acquired […]

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) : Principles and implementation


Data is a precious resource for businesses, but losing it can also have disastrous consequences. To avoid this, it’s best to implement a DLP strategy. What is DLP? What’s the point? And how can it be implemented? Find out the answers. What is DLP (Data Loss Protection)? DLP stands for Data Loss Prevention. The idea […]